Aggies recognized for STEM education participation

Seven Aggie engineering students have been recognized for assisting Rudder High School students during Viva Technology, a program designed to help students excel in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

VIva Technology is Great Minds in STEM's K-12 Educational Program. The program is designed to enlighten teachers, parents and students about the many ways that engineers and scientists impact our daily lives. It also helps students understand the correlation between their math and science studies and the many exciting careers in technology.

On a Viva Technology Day, participating 9th-11th grade students were divided into teams headed by a college captain majoring in engineering or science. The Texas A&M captains led teams of 10 students through a series of educational challenges designed to help students develop their team building, time management and brain storming skills. Moreover, they also served as inspirational guides, offering the high school students advice and positive reinforcement about the endless possibilities that come with attaining a strong education from a top university.

"The Texas A&M engineering students played a vital role in helping Great Minds in STEM to launch the 9th-11th program," said Lorenz Cisne, Viva Technology Program coordinator. "With extraordinary energy, patience and humor, they dedicated time to motivate and mentor young students to pursue college degrees in science and engineering. Their willingness to assist us during our day-long program demonstrates their commitment to continue to foster educated young scholars they will one day call colleagues. They were proud to represent Texas A&M as fantastic ambassadors for the university's engineering program.

The students who participated in Viva Technology and helped launch the 9th-11th grade program at Rudder High School were:

• Dmitriy Andreev, Petroleum Engineering
• Elise Edwards, Civil Engineering
• Monica Gamez, Petroleum Engineering
• Clara Goforth, Chemical Engineering
• Himanshu Thapa, Industrial and Systems Engineering
• Bill Virgl, Mechanical Engineering
• Kathryn West, Biomedical Engineering

For their hard work and dedication Viva Technology rewarded each student with a $100 stipend.