Curriculum Vitae

Wilbert E. Wilhelm

Professor (full time)


Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research 
Mechanical Engineering 

Virginia Polytechnic Inst. 
Virginia Polytechnic Inst. 
West Virginia University 


Title: Barnes Professor of Industrial Engineering (2000)

Teaching Experience:

Department of Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University (1988-present)
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Ohio State University (1972 - 1988)
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Instructor)


Industrial Experience:

Sum. 1986 Systems Engineer, IBM Federal Systems Division, Owego, NY
1964-1969 Manufacturing Training Program and Other Positions, General Electric


Professional Licenses and Certifications:

Registered, Professional Engineer in Ohio (E-49126) since 1984


Scientific and Professional Society Membership:

Registered, Professional Engineer in Ohio (E‑49126) since 1984

Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Fellow; Senior Member; Vice-President, Publications (1997-99)
Editor-in-Chief, IIE Transactions (1993 - 1996)

Member, Mathematical Programming Society

INFORMS, Member: Chair, Technical Section on Manufacturing Management (1992 - 1993)


Honors and Awards:

SME Gold Medal Award (2011)

Mike and Sugar Barnes Professor (2000)
Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE): David Baker Distinguished Research Award (1996)
TAMU College of Engineering: Brockett Professor (1997)
Texas Engineering Experiment Station: Fellow (1991, 92) & Senior Fellow (1994) Awards
IIE Fellow Award (1992)
IIE Operations Research Division Special Citation Award (1992)


Graduate Courses Frequently Taught:

ISEN 668: Integer Programming, ISEN 664: Scheduling and Sequencing, ISEN 622: Linear Programming,

ISEN 615: Production and Inventory Control



Papers in Review

Wilhelm, W. E., Han, X. and C. Lee (2012) Computational Comparison of Two Formulations for Dynamic Supply Chain Reconfiguration with Capacity Expansion and Contraction. Revision submitted  October 23.


Choi, S., and W E. Wilhelm (2012) An Approach to Optimize Master Surgical Block Schedules, Submitted October 5.


Papers in Revision

Choi, S, and W. E. Wilhelm (2012) On Capacity Allocation for Operating Rooms, Computers and Operations Research, in revision.


An, H., and W. E. Wilhelm (2011) An Exact Solution Approach Based on Column Generation and a Partial-Objective Constraint to Design a Cellulosic Biofuel Supply Chain, in revision.


Gokce, E., and W. E. Wilhelm (2011) Knapsack Problem with Generalized Upper Bound Constraints: A Polyhedral Study and Computational Evaluation.


Wilhelm, W. E., and D. Warrier (2010) A Branch-and-Cut Equivalent to Branch and Price.


Recent Refereed Publications

Liang, D., and W. E. Wilhelm (2012) Dual-ascent and Primal Heuristics for Production-assembly- distribution System Design, Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, Accepted October 28.


Zhu, X., and W. E. Wilhelm (2012) Implementation of a three-stage approach for the dynamic resource-constrained shortest-path problem in column generation and branch-and-price, Computers and Operations Research, accepted, July 6.


Wilhelm, W. E., Walden, P., Ravichandran, V. C., and F. J. Fernandez (2012) On Minimizing the Number of Critical Decision Perimeters at which Threats to Protected Facilities must be Identified to Allow Effective Interdiction MORS, Accepted May 18. Scheduled for publication in December 2012 issue, Vol. 17, No. 4.


Dong Hee Son, Peter Yu, Krishna Patwari, and Wilbert E. Wilhelm (2012) On the Relationships Among Facility Location, Transportation Mode Selection and Material Flow Costs in Global Supply Chains, submitted to Global Logistics  (J. Bookbinder (ed.)), Springer, 417-444.


Choi, S., and W. E. Wilhelm (2011) An Analysis of Sequencing Surgeries with Durations that Follow the Lognormal, Normal or Gamma Distribution, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 2, 156-171.


Perez, E., Ntaimo, L., and W. E. Wilhelm (2011) Patient and Resource Scheduling of Multi-Step Medical Procedures in Nuclear Medicine, IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering,1 (3), 168-184.


Zhu, X. and Wilhelm, W.E. (2012) A three-stage approach for the resource-constrained shortest path as a sub-problem in column generation. Computer and Operations Research, 39, 164-178. 


Dong Hee Son, Peter Yu, Krishna Patwari, and Wilbert E. Wilhelm (2011) On the Relationships Among Facility Location, Transportation Mode Selection and Material Flow Costs in Global Supply Chains, Accepted for publication in Global Logistics (a book edited by J. Bookbinder), Springer.


An, H., Wilhelm, W. E., and S. Searcy (2011) Biofuel and Petroleum-based Fuel Supply Chain Research: A Literature Review, Biomass and Bioenergy Journal, 35 (9), October, 3763-3774.


An, H., Wilhelm, W. E., and S. Searcy (2011) A mathematical model to design a lignocellulosic biofuel supply chain system with a case study based on a region in Central Texas, Bioresource Technology, 102 (17), September, 7860-7870.


Liang, D., and W. E. Wilhelm (2010) A Generalization of Column Generation to Accelerate Convergence, Mathematical Programming Series A, 122 (2), April, 349-378. 


Wilhelm. W. E., and E. Gokce (2010) A Branch-and-Price Approach to Design a Surveillance System for Port and Waterway Security, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 7 (2), 316-326.


Wilhelm, W. E., and X. Zhu (2010) Enabling Flexibility on a Dual Head Placement Machine by    Optimizing Platform-Tray-Feeder Picking Operations, Flexible Service and Manufacturing Journal, 21 (1-2), 1-30.


Lee, C. and W. E. Wilhelm (2010) On the Role of Comparative Advantage, Competitive Advantage, and Competitiveness in the Strategic Planning of International Enterprises, International Journal of Production Economics, published on line January 22, 2010, to be published 124 (1), 225-240.


Zhang, W., and W. E. Wilhelm (2009) OR/MS Decision Support Models for the Specialty Crops Industry:  a Literature Review, Annals of OR, 190, 131-148.


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