Curriculum Vitae

Newton C. Ellis

Professor (full-time)
3 yrs
Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Psychology, Math
Industrial Engineering
Texas Christian University
Texas Christian University
Baylor University
Texas A&M University

Initial Appointment Date: September 1969 as an Assistant Professor
Advancement: Associate Professor (1971); Professor (1975)

Teaching Experience:

Lecturer, Adjunct Faculty in Night School, University of Texas at Arlington, 1964 1969.
Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, 1969 1971.
Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering, 1971 1975.
Professor, Industrial Engineering, 1975 present.

Industrial Experience:

Senior Engineer, LTV Aerospace Corp., Grand Prairie, Texas, 1968 1969.
Executive VP& Senior Scientist, Life Sciences, Inc., Fort Worth, TX,1966 1968.
Lead Human Factors Engineer, LTV Astronautics, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1964 1965.
Human Factors Engineer, Chance Vought Aircraft, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1961 1964.
Insurance/Payroll, Temco Aircraft Corp, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1956 1961.

Professional Licenses and Certifications:

Registered Professional Engineer, Texas No. 36727,
Licensed Psychologist, Texas No. 86,
Certified Safety Professional, USA No. 2163.

Significant publications from past five years:

Simmons, D.B., N.C. Ellis, H. Fujihara, and W. Kuo, Software Measurement A Visualization Toolkit for Project Control and Process Improvement, Englewood, NJ, Prentice-Hall, 1998.

Babiker, E, D.B. Simmons, R.E. Shannon, and N.C. Ellis, "A Model for Re-engineering Legacy Expert System to Object-Oriented Architecture," Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 12, No. 3, 363-71.

Fujihara, H., N.C. Ellis, R.E. Shannon, and D.B. Simmons, "Knowledge Conceptualization Tool," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, March-April, 1997, Vol. 9, No. 2, p 209-20.

Ellis, N.C. and D.B. Simmons, "A Knowledge Based Approach to Ergonomic Design," Proceedings, Internat. Syst. Safety Conf., Albuquerque, NM, Aug. 1996, 3C1-3C2-12.

Ellis, N.C., S. Goodman, and D.B. Simmons, "An Evolving Ergonomic Safety Design Associate," Proceedings, International Ergonomics Society, Seattle WA, 1995.

Jilg, J.M., D.B. Simmons, and N.C. Ellis, "Translation of Uncertainty Representation Formats through a Knowledge Canonical Form," Journal of Information Sciences, Volume 77, Numbers 1&2 (double issue), March 1994, pp. 101-18.

Simmons, D.B., N.C. Ellis, and T.D. Escamilla, "Manager Associate," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engin., Vol. 5, No. 3, June, 1993, pp. 426-38.

Mitta, D.A. and N.C. Ellis, "Development of Intelligent Design Associates: A Case Study," Applied Ergonomics, 1993. 24(4), pp. 235-43.

Fujihara, H., D.B. Simmons, N.C. Ellis, and R.E. Shannon, "A Knowledge Acquisition Tool for Structuring Interview Data," Proceedings International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Monterrey, Mexico, September 20-24, 1993, pp. 316-24.

Scientific and professional society memberships:
Institute of Industrial Engineers, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, NSPE, Alpha Pi Mu, Sigma Xi

Honors and Awards:

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award, IIE, 1994.
Member, Board of Certified Safety Professionals, 1994 to 1997
IIE Bertram Gotlieb Award, Outstanding Contributions in Labor Relations, 1993
Certificate of Contribution, American Society for Engineering Education, 1993.
Fellow, Institute of Industrial Engineering, 1992.
Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University, 1991
Vice President and Board of Trustees, Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1989-91.
Public Service Award, FHWA Administration, "Membership on National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 1986.
Paul Fitts Award, Outstanding Contributions to Education, Human Factors Society, 1982.
Fellow, Human Factors Society, 1981.
National Science Foundation Fellow, Texas Christian University, 1963 to 1964.
President, Brazos Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1977 to 1978
Director, Industrial and Labor Relations Division of IIE, 1991 to 1992;
Director, Management Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, 1987 to 1988;
Member, National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 1983 to 1987

Subjects taught this year:

Fall 1997 - INEN 630, Spring 1998 - INEN 639