ACE Scholars Semesterly Meeting Preparation

Please fill out this form in advance and bring it to your meeting with the CSCE Honors coordinator. Please read this webpage for background information about the requirements: The purpose of the meeting is not to tell you about these requirements (as you can read them), but to allow you to ask questions about them.

Name:___________________________________     Major:___________________________


Meeting date:__________     Expected graduation semester:________

Coursework: List all honors or graduate courses you have taken or are currently taking. This includes any computer science, math, science, or engineering courses. Do not include any 491-type courses.

What is your plan for completing the 15 hours of honors or graduate coursework by the time you graduate?

Fast Track: Are you interested in the fast-track program?     YES     NO
If so, what fast-track courses have you already taken or do you plan to take?

Research Experience: Have you started doing research with a CSE professor? If so, who is your research mentor and what is the topic of your research?

If not, what steps have you taken so far to acquaint yourself with the research opportunities in the CSE Department and to identify a research mentor?

Are you currently taking, or have you already taken, your 6 hours of CSCE 491H?     YES     NO

Are you currently participating in the University's Undergraduate Research Scholars program, or have you already done so?     YES     NO

If you have not already started (or finished) CSCE 491H and URS, what is your plan for completing them by the time you graduate?

Do you plan to use your first 3 hours of CSCE 491H to replace a technical elective?     YES     NO

Do you plan to use your second 3 hours of CSCE 491H to replace the capstone senior design course?     YES     NO

Activities: Which activities have you already attended or plan to attend for this semester? Recall that two activities of your choice are required, in addition to the mandatory IAP Career Fair (fall) / Awards Banquet (spring).

Questions: List any questions you'd like to discuss with the coordinator.