• Assistant Professor
Shima Hajimirza

Educational Background

  • The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, 2013
  • California Institute of Technology, M.Sc., Bioengineering, 2010
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Research Interests

  • Radiation Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion at Nano-materials, Renewable Energy, Numerical Methods, Machine Learning Based Optimization for Designing of Energy Systems, Computational and Experimental Methods for Designing Thin Film Solar cells.

Awards & Honors

  • The James J. Cain Graduate Teaching Award, 2018
  • Early Career Summer Support Award, Calpoly Pomona, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Kaya, Mine, and Shima Hajimirza. "Rapid Optimization of External Quantum Efficiency of Thin Film Solar Cells Using Surrogate Modeling of Absorptivity." Nature Scientific reports 8, no. 1 (2018): 8170
  • Kaya, Mine, and Shima Hajimirza. "Surrogate based modeling and optimization of plasmonic thin film organic solar cells." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 118 (2018): 1128-1142.
  • Kaya, Mine, and Shima Hajimirza. "Application of artificial neural network for accelerated optimization of ultra thin organic solar cells." Solar Energy 165 (2018): 159-166.
  • Lu, Jicheng, and Shima Hajimirza. "Optimizing sun-tracking angle for higher irradiance collection of PV panels using a particle-based dust accumulation model with gravity effect." Solar Energy 158 (2017): 71-82.
  • Hajimirza, Shima, and John R. Howell. "Computational and Experimental Study of a Multi- Layer Absorptivity Enhanced Thin Film Silicon Solar Cell." Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 143 (2014): 56-62.
  • Hajimirza, Shima, Georges El Hitti, Alex Heltzel, and John Howell. "Specification of micro-nanoscale radiative patterns using inverse analysis for increasing solar panel efficiency." Journal of Heat Transfer 134, no. 10 (2012): 102702.