Michael J. Demkowicz

Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Demkowicz, Michael J

Office: RDMC 227
Phone: 979.458.9845
Email: demkowicz@tamu.edu

Research Webpage

Research Interests

  • Computational materials design
  • Fundamental physics of material behavior
  • Mechanical behavior and radiation response of materials


Awards & Honors

  • MIT Graduate Materials Council outstanding teaching award, 2014 & 2015
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2012
  • TMS Early Faculty Fellow Award, 2012
  • John C. Chipman career development chair in materials science and engineering at MIT, 2008
  • Los Alamos Postdoctoral Distinguished Performance Award, 2007


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005
  • S.M. Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 2000
  • B.S. Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 2000
  • B.A. Plan II Liberal Arts Honors Program, University of Texas at Austin, 2000

Selected Publications

Vattré A, Jourdan T, Ding H, Marinica C, Demkowicz MJ, “Non-random walk diffusion enhances the sink strength of semicoherent interfaces,” Nature Communications 7, 10424 (2016).

Ding H, Demkowicz MJ, "Hydrogen reverses the clustering tendency of carbon in amorphous silicon oxycarbide," Scientific Reports 5, 13051 (2015).

Seita M, Hanson JP, Gradečak S, Demkowicz MJ, "The dual role of coherent twins in hydrogen embrittlement", Nature Communications 6, 6164 (2015).

Vattré AJ, Abdolrahim N, Kolluri K, Demkowicz MJ, "Computational design of patterned interfaces using reduced order models", Scientific Reports 4, 6231 (2014).

Xu GQ, Demkowicz MJ, "Healing of nanocracks by disclinations", Physical Review Letters 111, 145501 (2013).

Baumer RE, Demkowicz MJ, "Glass transition by gelation in a phase separating binary alloy", Physical Review Letters 110, 145502 (2013).

Demkowicz MJ, Misra A, Caro AJ, "The role of interface structure in controlling high helium concentrations," Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 16, 101 (2012).