If you would like a license of STAR-CCM+ for your personally owned computer, please email ccm.academic-us.plm@siemens.com and provide your first name, last name, and academic email address. Mention that you would like access to the Steve portal for your personal use of STAR-CCM+ and that you are a student at TAMU in College Station, TX. Once Siemens PLM enables your access to the user portal (https://thesteveportal.plm.automation.siemens.com/) you will receive two emails from them detailing how to login. Please login and visit products, STAR-CCM+, downloads for installation files and installation/additional licensing instructions. Please select the latest Windows or Linux version of STAR-CCM+ to install. More information on the selection between mixed and double precision versions can be found in the portal's knowledge base.

Resource Overview

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Steve Portal, this will allow you access to:

  • Training
  • Licensing (for Power on Demand hours only)
  • Knowledge base
  • Downloads (installation files and guides)
  • Documentation (user guide and tutorials)
  • Technical Support (my cases tab)


Academics can do the following:

  • Access a wide array of e-learning courses
  • Access live training (STAR-Lab)
  • Become a certified user.

 All of this is accessible through STAR Academy training in the Steve Portal

E-learning courses

Self-paced e-learning modules provides you with instant access to the training content you need. Since our e-learning library is always growing, you'll always have access to the latest updates and new releases. To access the e-learning courses please go to the portal (https://thesteveportal.plm.automation.siemens.com/), click the Star-Academy tab, and click training for academics.  

Live training (STAR-Lab)

The goal of STAR-Lab is to provide you with the opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills in-person while solving in-depth application-based problems under the guidance of experienced engineers. Following the completion of the foundation training (e-learning course), STAR-Lab will help you become familiar with the software at a deeper level. Using this two-tiered learning approach, often referred to as flipped classroom, will help you begin to synthesize knowledge and skills needed for addressing engineering simulation applications using STAR-CCM+.

Become a Certified User

Seeking certification as a STAR-CCM+ user? Please log into the Steve Portal, select the STAR Academy tab, and then click Training for Academics.

Knowledgebase and Documentation

The knowledge base includes an extensive array of FAQ's, a Video Library, and other self-help resources. The documentation contains both the user guide and tutorials. The STAR-CCM+ User Guide contains ~14,000 pages of very detailed information. The tutorials have been specifically designed to provide new users with step-by-step instructions for a variety of applications, physics, and other topics such as automation and optimization. The tutorials are accessible in both the steve portal and in the STAR-CCM+ interface under Help. 

Technical Support

We ask that you please review the documentation, knowledge base, and training before contacting support. These resources can often resolve your questions. However, if you have checked these sources and have been through training but are still stuck, you can submit a case to support under the my cases tab. A support engineer who is available and knowledgeable in your question will respond to your case. We require that you submit a case, please do not use our support email address. Please provide a detailed description of your issue along with a full description of everything you have reviewed in the above resources and what you have tried. This will help to expedite the resolution of your case. 

How to Use Power on Demand (PoD) Licensing

The following instructions should be followed in order to begin using STAR-CCM+ with the POD licensing key:

(1) Log on to the machine where STAR-CCM+ will be run, and ensure that the machine has internet access

(2) Start STAR-CCM+ and select File > New Simulation (or Load Simulation). 

(3) In the Load Simulation window, for License Options, activate PoD Session. 

(4) Login to Steve Portal (https://thesteveportal.plm.automation.siemens.com/)

(5) Navigate to the Products, STAR-CCM+, Licensing.

(6) For PoD Key, cut and paste the string displayed under the License Key column under the Manage Keys tab. Then hit Enter in STAR-CCM+.  Next, hit OK.  STAR-CCM+ should then complete the license check out process and populate the object tree.  As an alternative to specifying the Server and he Pod Key in the Load Simulation window, one may instead set an environment variable named LM_PROJECT to the string displayed under the License Key column under the Manage Keys tab and an environment variable named CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE to 1999@flex.cd-adapco.com

(4) Should a problem occur, ensure that the firewall is not blocking ports 1999 and 2099. 

On MS-Windows, this can be determined by looking at the output of:

netstat -an | find "1999"    and    netstat -an | find "2099"    

On Linux, this can be determined by looking at the output of:

                nmap -PN -p1999,2099 flex.cd-adapco.com 

Configuring STAR-CCM+ to Save and Quit When Idle

It is highly recommended that you do this! PoD works off a set number of hours, if for any reason STAR-CCM+ is running in the background without you knowing it your hours will deplete, even if STAR-CCM+ is not performing calculations. To avoid this follow the below instructions:

1) Navigate to your STAR-CCM+ installation directory:

For Windows: [starccmp_installation]\config

For Linux: [starccmp_installation]/star/config

2) Open the sitesettings.props file in a text editor of your choice. An example sitesettings.props file is shown below:

# STAR-CCM+ Site Settings

#Mon Jul 2 15:45:59 EDT 2012


3) Enter the timeout value (in hours) next to the ServerIdleTimeout= argument. If you leave this field as 0, the automatic server shutdown feature is disabled.

4) Save the configuration file.


Should you encounter any problems with the licensing, please refer to the Customer Support Portal Knowledge Base in the Steve portal. 

Alternatively, create a new case by clicking on 'My Cases' in the customer portal. Enter the following information in the case:

(1) Copy of the error message

(2) Values specified for POD Key and Server in the New Simulation window or Load Simulation window when trying to start the code

(3) Alias, license key value, starting date, and starting time of the POD Key create as listed under https://support.cd-adapco.com > Real Time License > Manage Keys

(4) If running Windows, output of netstat -an | find "1999" and netstat -an | find "2099". If running on Linux, output of nmap -PN-p 1999,2099 flex.cd-adapco.com

(5) Output obtained when executing "ping flex.cd-adapco.com"


Note: If your POD license crashes, be sure to check for and kill any "zombie" jobs that continue to run in the background. They will consume CPU time.