Transfer Policy

Students who wish to transfer into the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program from another degree program within Texas A&M University should provide the following to the MEEN Graduate Academic Advisor:

  • A copy of the original application submitted to your current TAMU graduate program; For a copy of the original application & a copy of transcripts, ask your current department. You can either bring us hard copies or ask your current department to mail or email the scanned documents to us.
  • A Statement of Purpose answering the following:
    • A brief description of you, your background, and why you want to change into the MEEN Master's or Ph.D. degree program
    • An explanation as to your motivation for selecting Texas A&M University and your chosen degree program
    • The names of specific faculty you are interested in working with and why (MS and PhD only)
    • Any other information you think will assist our admissions committee in reviewing your application
  • Provide the name of your faculty research advisor or academic advisor you have been working with.
  • Current Resume/CV, which should concisely communicate the remaining criteria on which you will be evaluated, including:
    • Specific coursework completed
    • Engineering industry or professional experience
    • Research experience
    • Professional service (eg. participation and/or leadership in professional organizations and STEM outreach programs, teaching/mentoring experience)
    • Professional communications (eg. posters, conference presentations, authorship on publications, proceedings, books, and patent applications)
    • Awards and honors

When applying to transfer, please follow the suggested process:

    1. Email the information listed above to Specify "Transfer Applicant" in the subject line. No letters of recommendation are needed.
    2. Networking and/or meeting with faculty members matching your research interests is highly recommended.
    3. If a positive decision results, fill out the appropriate OGS forms (Change of Major or Letter of Intent) and obtain all signatures from your current department before submitting to the Graduate Advisor.

If there are conditions placed on your admission (e.g., pre-requisite courses), you will be notified in writing of these specific conditions. You should ask about the status of your petition a couple of days after the end of the semester if you have not been notified of our decision.