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self driving vehicle
Welcome to The J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!

Sponsorship helps our students and it helps our sponsors. Over the years, the Mechanical Engineering Department has had lots of different types of projects with lots of different types of sponsor arrangements.

The objective of the design course is to teach senior engineering students a top-down, systems design process that enables and encourages innovation and have them apply this process to a challenging design project to help them internalize the process. Thus, the nature and scope of potential projects is broad and open to discussion.

A wide range of projects is suitable. The ideal project challenges the students both creatively and technically. Design problems that require or benefit from the design and construction of a prototype or physical experiment (that can be constructed within the time frame of the class) are also desirable. Projects should be of current interest to the company to maximize sponsor benefit. Sponsors provide a point-of-contact mentor that serves as both a key customer and provides technical feedback to the students.

Though students do acquire technical domain knowledge related to the design problem and the sponsor’s industry and challenges, problems that require significant experience and specific domain knowledge are generally not preferred. The students are graduating undergraduate engineers. Thus, they have a solid knowledge of Mechanical Engineering basics, but lack experience in a specific technical domain.

For more information contact Dr. Joanna Tsenn, 979.458.8443.