Pathways to Doctorate

  • $21,600 stipend
  • $10,000 tuition and fees, and health insurance premium reimbursement

Diversity and Merit Fellowships

  • Monthly stipend covering tuition and fees, and health insurance premium reimbursement
  • This opportunity is for domestic students only.

D3EM Fellowship

  • $34,000 stipend, plus covering tuition and eligible fees

Materials Science and Engineering Scholarship

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering fellowship is a competitive fellowship. Unfunded incoming and continuing students are eligible to apply. Application deadline is July 15.

The fellowship is awarded in two parts, $500 in fall and $500 in spring. The fellowship confers the nonresident tuition waiver for fall, spring, and summer semester.

E-mail both the application form below and your CV to


Students of Materials Science and Engineering in the thesis-option M.S. and Ph.D. curricula are expected to join one of the exciting research groups headed by MSEN faculty. The MSEN department will make every effort to pair students with existing research assistantships.

Student Financial Aid

The Texas A&M University Department of Student Financial Aid exists to help students find ways to fund their college education through loans, grants, and student employment. Financial aid counselors are available to advise students. The Department of Financial Aid is located on the second floor of the TAMU Pavillion. Telephone: (979) 845-3236.

From the Financial Aid website, student have access to Jobs for Aggies (includes some graduate assistantships).

International students are advised to check into fellowships and scholarships.