2016 MSEN Best M.S. Thesis Award

This award was split between two students

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson for his M.S. thesis, "A Computational Framework For The Prediction of Multistage Heat Treatments in Age Hardened Alloys".  


Yenny Cubide

Yenny Gonzalez for her M.S. thesis, "Performance of Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primers Containing Carbon Nanotubes of the Corrosion Protection of Carbon Steel in Simulated Concrete Pore Environments".


2016 MSEN Best Ph.D. Thesis Award


Liangfa Hu

Dr. Liangfa Hu for his Ph.D. thesis, "Fabrication and characterization of interpenetrating metal/ternary carbide composites". 


2016 MSEN Best Paper Graduate Student Award


Kevin Holder

Kevin Holder for his paper, "Carbon Nanotube Multilayer Nanocoatings Prevent Flame Spread on Flexible Polyurethane Foam," published in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering.

2016 MSEN Best Paper, PostDoc Award



Dr. Fernando Soto for his paper, "Formation and Growth Mechanisms of Solid-Electrolyte Interphase Layers in Rechargeable Batteries," published in Chemistry of Materials.

2016 MSEN Excellence in Outreach Award


Amy Bolon

Amy Bolon for her outstanding work in materials science and engineering outreach in the College of Engineering and College of Science. Since 2014, she has been the president of Materials Advantage Student Chapter at Texas A&M and Women in Materials Science, a student organization in the department.


2016 MSEN Outstanding Teacher Award

Diyar Dhanoon

Diyar Dhannoon for his outstanding teaching in MSEN 602. His commitment to one-on-one instruction earned him the appreciation and respect of his students.

2016 MSEN Entrepreneurship Award


TriFusion Devices (Blake Teipel, Brandon Sweeney and Britton Eastburn) has been a model of student entrepreneurship. TriFusion Devices produces medical devices through additive manufacturing (3D printing). This team won the 2016 Rice Business Plan Competition and 2016 Baylor New Ventures Competition.

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