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Mission statement

The dean’s events team exists to serve the Texas A&M University College of Engineering and its departments, donors, faculty, staff and students. We work diligently to consistently bring successful events tailored to our clients' needs while creating cost savings and efficiencies for the College of Engineering. Our purpose is to create unique opportunities for every guest in making enduring connections and memories. We oversee all donor and alumni events and departmental events with five or more external guests and/or are outside of a department’s own space. 

General Protocol

Please email the events team to request assistance with your event. We should be informed of any event involving a donor or regent. Event requests must be submitted a minimum of two months prior to the proposed event date.  All requests are subject to availability. In certain cases of delayed requests, we might be able to consult and offer limited services.

The events team manages all event space inside the Zachry Engineering Education Complex and additionally coordinates the conference venue at the Center for Infrastructural Renewal. Examples of common events we manage are banquets, receptions, awards ceremonies, donor luncheons, alumni networking events and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) events (which must be at the dean’s or director’s level).

We do not coordinate conferences, workshops or tailgates. For assistance with those types of events, please contact TEES Professional and Continuing Education at 979-845-9928. 

Best Practices for Department Event Liaisons

Department event liaisons (DELs) are appointed contacts from each department specifically entrusted with event coordination.

  1. We are able to assist with events with five or more external guests in attendance. We are happy to consult on events that do not fit our definition when our schedule permits.
  2. The DEL should complete an event request form and email it to the events team four to six months prior to an event.
  3. Preview the events venue list to get an idea of which venue you would prefer.
  4. Ensure your event does not conflict with other major dates, such as the Student Awards Banquet. To view all major events, email your IT department to request access to the calendar called “Texas A&M Engineering Events.” To view events occurring within the Zachry Engineering Education Complex, visit the Zachry Events Management System.
  5. Email the events team to set up an initial meeting with the team. Bring an estimated budget, exact date, guest estimate and venue preference to your first meeting.
  6. Communication is key. Be sure to update your lead event coordinator of any changes or additional information throughout the planning process.

Other Helpful Resources

Event checklist with suggested timelines for department liaison

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