College Committees

Assessment and Accreditation Committee

Chair: Srinivas Vadali (AEEN)  |

College Endowed Position Selection Advisory Committee

Chair: N. K. Anand (EPO)

College of Engineering Diversity Committee

Chair: John Hurtado (AEEN) |

College of Engineering Research Council

Chair: Narasimha Reddy (ELEN) |

College of Engineering Tenure and Promotion Advisory Council (CETPAC)

Chair: N. K. Anand (EPO) |

Department Head Council

Chair: N. K. Anand (EPO) |

Differential Tuition Oversight Committee

Chair: N. K. Anand (EPO) |

Engineering Faculty Advisory Council

Chair: Yossef Elabd (CHEN) |

Engineering Innovation Center Committee

Chair: Prasad Enjeti (EASA) |

Engineering Staff Advisory Council

Chair: Tyler Neumann |

Entry to a Major Committee

Chair: Prasad Enjeti (EASA) |

External Awards Committee

Chair: Don Russell (ECEN) |

Graduate Advisors (GIC)

Chair: Harry Hogan (MEEN) |

Graduate Program Fee Oversight Committee

Chair: Hank Walker (CPEN) |

Honors and Awards Committee

Chair: N. K. Anand (EPO) |

Honors Committee

Chair: Nancy Amato (CSCE) |

Interdisciplinary Engineering Advisory Committee

Chair: Timothy Jacobs (MEEN) |

Junior Faculty Advisory Committee

Chair: David Staack (MEEN) |

New Student Conference Committee

Chair: Mark Weichold (EASA) |

Professors of Practice Program Committee

Chair: Mark Johnson (EASA) |

Think Tank Undergraduate Advising Committee

Chair: P.R. Kumar (ECEN) |

Undergraduate Advising Committee

Chair: Mark Weichold (EASA) |

Adhoc Committees

Center for Infastructure Renewal Cluster Hiring Search Committee

Chair: Dallas Little (CVEN) |

Cybersecurity Cluster Hiring Search Committee

Chair: Narasimha Reddy (ELEN) |