• Professor (Courtesy Appointment)
  • Allen-Bradley Professor
  • Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution
V. Jorge Leon

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1991.
  • M.S. Manufacturing Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, 1983.
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Catholic University, Lima, Peru, 1981.

Research Interests

  • Dr. Leon's teaching interests are in the areas of operations and capacity management, production scheduling, quality assurance, design of experiments, manufacturing systems modeling and analysis, electronics manufacturing, and semiconductor packaging.  Dr. Leon's research work is in the areas of capacity and inventory management, finite-capacity resource planning and scheduling, applications of combinatorial optimization, and heuristic search.  Recent work involves the study of collaborative distributed production systems and global manufacturing.

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Awards & Honors

  • 2005-pres., Allen-Bradley Professor in Factory Automation.
  • 2004, Halliburton Professor, Texas A&M University College of Engineering, Texas A&M University.
  • September 2002, 3M Fellow, Texas A&M University College of Engineering, Texas A&M University.
  • March 2001-pres., Ford Fellow, Ford/Texas A&M University Strategic Alliance Advisory Committee.
  • April 1999, Certificate of Appreciation, SME Student Chapter at Texas A&M University.
  • 1996-1997 College of Engineering Scholar, Center for Teaching Excellence, Texas A&M University.

Selected Publications

  • C Acosta, VJ Leon, C Conrad and CO Malave, "Global engineering: design, decision making and communication," CRC Press – Taylor & Francis Group, 2nd edition, 2014.
  • I Capar, M Kuby, VJ Leon, YJ Tsai, "An arc cover–path-cover formulation and strategic analysis of alternative-fuel station locations," European Journal of Operational Research, 227 (1), 142-151, 2013.
  • CL Chu, VJ Leon, "Scalable methodology for supply chain inventory coordination with private information," European Journal of Operational Research, 195 (1), 262-279, 2009.
  • CL Chu, VJ Leon, "Single-vendor multi-buyer inventory coordination under private information," European Journal of Operational Research, 191 (2), 485-503, 2008.
  • IJ Jeong, VJ Leon, JR Villalobos, "Integrated decision-support system for diagnosis, maintenance planning, and scheduling of manufacturing systems," International Journal of Production Research, 45 (2), 267-285, 2007.
  • HJ Shin, VJ Leon, "Scheduling with product family set-up times: an application in TFT LCD manufacturing," International Journal of Production Research, 42 (20), 4235-4248, 2004.
  • IJ Jeong and VJ Leon, "Decision making and cooperative interaction via coupling agents in organizationally distributed systems," IIE Transactions - Special Issue on Large Scale Optimization, 34, 789-802, 2002.
  • CY Lee and VJ Leon, "Machine scheduling with a rate-modifying activity," European Journal of Operational Research, 128, 119-128, 2001.
  • VJ Leon and R Balakrishnan, "Strength and adaptability of problem-space based neighborhoods for resource-constrained scheduling," OR Spektrum - Special Issue in Applied Local Search, Vol. 17, issue 2/3, 173-182, 1995.
  • VJ Leon, SD Wu and RH Storer, "Robustness measures and robust scheduling," IIE Transactions, 26 (5), 32-43, 1994.
  • VJ Leon, "Game-theoretic control and robust scheduling of job-shops in the presence of disruptions," unpublished dissertation, Lehigh University, 1991.