"I applied to the ISEN DL program as I was on track to become a manager in manufacturing and I would have engineers reporting to me. My career path had me moving all over the country and this program was exactly what I wanted and had the flexibility of me working from anywhere in the country. The best part was the group profects that allowed me to connect with my peers while being remote. This degree complimented my career and helped me be successful."

- Jean Booska   Continuous Improvement Leader, GE Power


"This course is truly one of the best moves of my career. It provided a differentiating advantage that allowed my career to take off within a year from completing the course. It has the depth of MBAs, the focus required to manage engineering disciplines and the flexibility necessary to balance between my job and raise my two children as a single father."

- Mohamed Daoud   Product Line Manager, Baker Hughes


"I didn't want my demanding work schedule and busy personal life to impede my ability to obtain a quality master's level education from a respected university. In the ISEN DL program, I am able to work full time, train for triathlons and still work towards my master's degree from Texas A&M University!"

- Shawna LaVerde Process   Improvement Engineer, MOGAS Industries, Inc.