The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University offers two distance learning based master's programs for professionals.


  • Affordable master's degree from a top ranked engineering school
  • Ability to study anywhere in the world while receiving the same degree as students on campus
  • Access to university facilities, software at student pricing and software in the industrial and systems engineering cloud

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Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (ME IE)


Essential tools and knowledge/practical techniques in broad aspects of industrial engineering to prepare engineers for industrial engineering career path
  • 30 credit hours (10 courses)
  • Practice-oriented, non-thesis degree
  • Final exam (oral defense) may be waived


Four courses covering the breadth of Industrial Engineering

  • Logistics and Inventory Control (ISEN 601 or ISEN 615)
  • Quality Engineering (ISEN 614)
  • Human Factors (ISEN 630 or ISEN 631)
  • Engineering Economy (ISEN 667)
Three courses covering essential modeling techniques and tools
  • Data Analytics, Models and Tools (ISEN 613)
  • Optimization Models and Tools (ISEN 620)
  • Simulation Models and Tools (ISEN 625)
Three elective courses (ISEN or non-ISEN courses)

Master of Science in Engineering Systems Management (MS ENSM)


Blend of training in both systems engineering and engineering management that prepares engineers for a system level, management-in-nature career path
  • 36 credit hours (12 courses)
  • No final exam required


Four courses covering Systems Engineering

  • Data Analytics, Models and Tools (ISEN 613)
  • Simulation Models and Tools (ISEN 625)
  • System Thinking (ISEN 640)
  • System Engineering Methods (ISEN 641)
Four courses in Engineering Management
Four courses to form a concentration area (Examples)
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Safety Engineering
  • Analytics (receive a certificate in applied statistics at the same time)
  • Public Policy/Homeland Security
  • Industrial and Manufacturing

Cost Estimation:

Type of Resident Per Course* ME IE ME ENSM
Texas Resident $2,522.99 $25,230.00 $30,276.00
Non-Resident in Texas $3,356.99 $33,357.00 $40.284.00
Outside of Texas or International $3,838.49 $38,385.00 $46,062.00
*Tuition and fees are subject to change and do not include elective fees (i.e. application for graduation). The accurate figures are decided by the University’s Student Business Services