• No software will be stored or installed on the industrial and systems engineering lab PCs by the users
    Software like Napster, Winamp, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, X-Windows, ICQ, etc. are strictly prohibited in these labs. The Users must understand that all software must be appropriately licensed and must be approved by the ISE computer staff prior to installation.
  • No food or use of tobacco products will be allowed in the industrial and systems engineering labs or classrooms. Drinks are allowed if they have lids.
    If this rule is violated, you may be asked to leave the lab and/or have your account disabled according to the rules below. This rule is to protect the lab and equipment from grease and oils. It also protects you from germs transmitted off of the keyboards and mice.
  • No personal data is to be stored on the industrial and systems engineering computers.
    Each user of the industrial and systems engineering computer systems is provided a personal data storage area (H: drive - see lab procedures below). Lab and classroom computers may receive a new computer image at any time that will erase all previous data.
  • Do not share your account username or password with any other person.
    Your account can be permanently disabled/deleted for this offense.
  • Do not allow any person to use a computer you have logged into.
    • You are the only person allowed to use the computer once you have logged on. You may lose lab privileges for this offense.
    • For the first violation of the above rules and policies, the offender will have his or her account disabled for one week.
    • The second violation of the above rules and policies, the offender will have his or her account disabled for a two-week period.
    • The third violation will result in the offender's account being disabled for the rest of the semester. To have your account reactivated, you must submit a letter or e-mail explaining why you committed this offense and will most likely have to meet with the department head or other faculty member as deemed appropriate. Please help us to try to keep our labs clean and make it a pleasant working environment for everyone!
    • Violations are kept in a database for one rolling calendar year. Offenses are removed/not considered after this time.

Lab Procedures:

  • Printing¬†
    Each student, undergraduate or graduate, has a limit of 1500 pages per semester. If a user desires to increase this quota, he or she needs to purchase an additional 500 sheets of paper (20# only) and submit it to the industrial and systems engineering IT staff. Your quota will then be increased by 500 sheets and will be good until the start of the following semester. Quotas will be reset to 1500 sheets at that time.
  • H: Drives / Home Directories¬†
    Each undergraduate or graduate student may have disk storage space on the industrial and systems engineering department's server. If you require a large disk quota for your school related files, please come by 3019 to ask for a quota increase. You should store all files on your "H:" drive. Storing files in other locations, such as your "Desktop" or "My Documents", may lead to a loss of data.
  • The S: Drive / Share Drive ¬†/ Scratch Drive /TEMP Storage ONLY
    This drive is provided as a temporary share drive as a convenience to share and swap files. Lab users should understand that the files stored on the "S:" drive can be viewed by all the domain users and is not safe to store files (files may be deleted at any time without warning by anyone). These file are not backed up and should only be placed in this area for 1 or 2 days.
  • Passwords
    The password must be a minimum of 8 characters in length and must be changed every 90 days. You will receive a reminder when 14 days are left to change. You will not be allowed to use your previous five passwords. Passwords must be complex, meaning they must contain at minimum one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a number. Special characters may also be used. If you need to have your password reset, please stop by 3019. You must bring a current student ID.
  • Computer Usage: Only one lab (3005 ETB) computer may be in use by any one user during the hours 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday (this does not include group accounts). If multiple computers are locked, all locked computers by that user will be logged off. A computer may not be locked for individual use for more than 24 hours. A sign indicating what the computer is being used for and your name, date, time and contact information is required. The computer will be rebooted after 24 hours. Please clean up after yourself!