Microsoft Word

Q: How do I setup my Word User Options ?

  1. Start Word, click on tools, select options, and click on the File Locations tab.
  2. Highlight Documents and click on modify, then select h: and click OK.
  3. Highlight User Templates and click on modify,then select h: and click OK.
  4. Highlight Startup and click on modify, then select h: and click OK.
  5. To close click OK, select file, click on exit.
  6. Now restart Word. 

Printing/Paper Limit

Q: Why is my printing privilege denied?

A: Each student is allocated 1000 sheets per semester by the department.  The print manager keeps track of the number of sheets printed per student and denies printing privilege to those who exceed 1000 sheets.  When this happens, just simply purchase Xerox Multiuse Primary Image paper 20# (or equivalent), bring it to Rm. 3019 ETB and your quota will be increased by that amount of pages.
Remaining quota balances are not added to the next semester quota.

Creating Shortcuts

Q: How do I add a shortcut to my desktop?

  1. Right mouse click on the desktop. 
  2. Select "new" and "shortcut". 
  3. Now, select the program(s) you want. 
  4. After the icon is displayed on your desktop, right mouse click on the icon. 
  5. Select "properties", and go to the "shortcut" tab. 
  6. At the "Start in:" space, type: c:\temp or h:\ .

Making Color Printouts and Transparencies from a PC

Students may print color printouts and transparencies by visiting one of the Open Access Labs on campus.  More information can be found at

How to set the printers

  • Click on Start.
  • Click on Printers and Faxes.
  • Click on Add a printers and click Next on Add Printer Wizard.
  • Check the radio button on ' A network printer, or printer attached to another computer' and click Next.
  • Check the radio button on ' Find a printer in the directory ' and click Next.
  • Choose IE from the Inlist and click 'Find Now'.
  • While there are many printers in the list, there are only 4 that students should be concerned with. Please select the printer that is located in Computer lab Room 3005:
  • Dell 7330dn PS(3005 Computer Lab)located in ISE general computer lab.
  • Once once you select the desired printer, click OK.
  • Most students choose Default Printer for IE Micro (General Lab Printer) and No for the other printers.
  • Select Next.
  • Click on Finish.

How to change your password

To change your password while logged on, the user needs to do the following:

  • Press Control + Alt + Delete Keys in the Keyboard simultaneously.
  • Choose change password.
  • Type in your old password.
  • Type in the new password you would like to have (it must be a complex password and must be at least 8 characters long - use at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, and one number - special characters may also be used).
  • Press Ok.

Your password has been reset and is good for another 90 days.  Make sure you use this password when you login next time. If you continue to have problems resetting your password, please visit the ISEN IT staff in 3019 ETB (remember to bring your student ID!).

Locked Accounts

Q: Why does my account show that it is locked?

Accounts become locked for one reason - the wrong password has been used.  Here's a few different ways this can happen:

  • You forgot your password (this is the probably the most obvious).
  • You can't remember which character was supposed to be upper case or the caps lock is on.
  • Someone else has been nice enough to try to use your account (and they entered the wrong password).

Believe it or not, this is a good thing to have happen. If someone else is trying to access your account, they get 3 guesses for your password and then it locks for 3 minutes. It's going to take a very long time to try to guess your password. Also, if you were the one that locked your account because you forgot your password, it will only stay locked for 3 minutes. Take this time to sit back and think about what your password might have been. You've got 3 more tries coming soon. Of course there are times when you may not remember, so just bring you're student ID to ETB 3019 and we'll reset your password for you.

Disabled Accounts

Q: Why does my account show that it is disabled?

Accounts become disabled for one reason - one of the ISE IT staff disabled it.  Why did it happen you ask?  Here's a few different reasons this can happen:

  • You haven't used your account for an extended period of time due to inactivity
  • You disagreed with one of our rules/policies and decided to break that rule/policy (and the ISE IT staff found out about it).
  • The ISE IT staff thought you had graduated (sorry for the mistake - we really do want you here)
  • One of the ISE IT staff clicked on the wrong user account - 2 of the 3 of us do make mistakes.

Wondering which category you fall under? Just shoot one of the computer staff an email (see Computer Staff link on right) and we'll let you know. You can also come by ETB 3005B or 3019 in person and find out if one of us really did make a mistake (you can join in as we all start pointing fingers).

New Account

Q: I want an account in the best engineering computer lab on campus - what do I do?

First of all, thank you for saying so! If you are an ISE student or enrolled in an ISEN class you will get to use our top notch facilities. If you're not in one of those categories, there's no time like the present to change your major. Back to our topic - come by ETB 3005B and pick up a new user account form and a copy of our rules and policies. Fill out the form and give it to one of the guys in ETB 3005B or 3019 (make sure they tell you your temporary password before you leave - they can be forgetful sometimes). Your account should be ready to go within 24 hours.

Using a Mac

What else can you do with your Mac as far as connecting to our resources here in Industrial & Systems Engineering?  There are several things really.  Below are some links to programs that could help you connect to our resources:

And even more software that can be very helpful:

  • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac - contact Rick Aderholt to have this software installed at no cost on any departmentally owned Mac.
  • Many other downloads from Apple

Access to H-Drive

Q: How do I access my H-drive?

A: The drive should be mapped automatically. If you are having problems, please contact the helpdesk 

Q: I tried mapping my H-drive but still cannot access it.

A: See the Helpdesk.