National Taiwan University - Exchange Program

National Taiwan University started as Taihoku Imperial University, an institution founded by the Japanese colonial administration in 1928. When the Republic of China won the war of resistance against Japan in 1945, the university was transferred to Chinese Administration and named, as it is known today, National Taiwan University (NTU). NTU began as two divisions when it was under Japanese occupation, however has now expanded to five divisions. These include Literature and Politics, Science, Agriculture, Medicine and Engineering.
NTU is located in Taipei, Taiwan, a city of blended cultures. Here you can find political, cultural, and economic centers of the country and a bustling city of approximately 2.7 million people. Taipei is known for its night market and lively street-food markets.  

Reciprocal Exchange

    • Semester: 
      • Spring: Typically February to  July
    • Semester Deadline: Application is due in October (before semester abroad)
    • Majors: Civil Engineering

Location Information

Taiwan is an island of 23 million people with a democratic political system. The culture of Taiwan is a blend of traditional Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese aboriginal cultures. With its population consisting of mostly ethnic Chinese, colonization by Japan for over a half century, and influences of modern American and European cultures and political systems, Taiwan provides our students a unique opportunity to experience diverse Asian culture. The region is also an economic powerhouse featuring a very large number of multinational companies. Cultural visits to museums and religion and architectural landmarks in Taiwan will be arranged. National Taiwan University (NTU) also provides many cultural activities, including summer language and culture courses from their Office of International Affairs.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Must be a TAMU student for at least one semester prior to application
  • Must attend TAMU for at least one summer session or one full semester after the exchange
  • Must have a 3.0 GPR or higher
  • Junior classification by beginning of exchange recommended



*Check the Student Business Services website (http://sbs.tamu.edu) for exact tuition/fee amount as it varies per student.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for this program is less than attending Texas A&M University in College Station.

Contact Information

Students seeking additional information on outgoing reciprocal exchanges should contact Leslie Donaway.