Electrical and Computer Engineering

The objective of this program is to provide students with an opportunity of learning computer technologies with direct industrial experience in an international environment. This program will take place in Hsinchu, Taiwan, which is the home to 360 high-tech companies and referred to as the Silicon Valley of Asia. A key component of this program will be the visit of several internationally leading companies in computer industry. These include (1) TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) - the world's largest semiconductor foundry; (2) MediaTek, which is among the top system-on-chip companies in the world; (3) Synopsys - the world leader company on electronic design automation; and (4) Realtek - a network/computer/multimedia integrated circuit design company with an annual revenue of nearly one billion U.S. dollars.

These visits merge very well with the two courses provided in the program: computer architecture and embedded computing systems. The visit to MediaTek will provide a system- level perspective to computer chips. Realtek will be a place where students can obtain intuition on block/subsystem design. At TSMC, students will be able to observe how integrated circuits are manufactured. During the visit to Synopsys, students will see how design automation software tools are developed in industry. These direct and multi-perspective experiences with industry allow students to learn computing technologies beyond academic lectures and labs.


For more information contact:

Faculty Leader

Jiang Hu
Electrical and Computer Engineering
jianghu@ece.tamu.edu | (979) 847-876

Engineering Global Programs
Engineering Activities Building A

Ms. Tracey Rueschhoff
First Floor Pavilion
trueschhoff@tamu.edu | (979) 845-0544

Courses Offered

ECEN 350: Computer Architecture and Design (4 CR)

Prerequisite: ECEN 248

ECEN 489: Fundamentals of Embedded Computing Systems (3 CR)

Prerequisite: ECEN 248

ECEN 485: Directed Study (3 CR)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Good academic standing with university
  • Required to attend ALL program specific orientations
  • Open to all engineering majors

Location Information

This program will be hosted by National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), which is among the top three universities at Taiwan. Its campus is adjacent to National Chiao-Tung University, another top university in Taiwan. In such an environment, the U.S. students will have plenty of opportunities to interact with Taiwan students in academic and extracurricular activities. These activities will help the U.S. students to build skills of efficiently communicating with people of different cultural background , how to collaborate with them and be productive at the same time.

To further experience different cultures, the students will take two sightseeing trips in this program. One will be at Taipei, a metropolitan blend of historical heritage and modern grandeur. This trip will cover the Palace Museum - a rich exhibition of Chinese history, Longshan Temple - a showcase of folk customs, Taipei 101 - once the tallest building in the world and night market, where a large variety of Chinese cuisines can be tasted. The other trip will be at the Hakka village, which is a display of traditions and life styles of native minority at Taiwan. These trips will broaden the vision of the U.S. students and help them to better understand cultural diversities.

Overall, this program will provide Texas A&M students with a unique experience of integrating learning knowledge with industrial interactions and different cultural environment. The students are expected to benefit from wider and deeper comprehension of computing technologies in a real-world setting. In the context of globalization, professionals in high tech industry often need to work with people from different cultures, design products and provide services for international markets. This program will help them to be better prepared for coping with the challenges in their future careers.

Funding Opportunities

Funding is available in may forms.

For complete information on funding opportunities, please visit the Study Abroad Program Office for financial resources:



There are two university level scholarships available to students:


The Study Abroad Programs Office offers scholarships based on merit and financial need. Applications are available through Scholarships & Financial Aid and deadlines are listed on the website below. The Continuing Student Scholarship application opens Nov. 1, 2015 and closes at 11:59 p.m. Feb. 1, 2016.



The Dwight Look College of Engineering is guaranteeing every student a $1,500 scholarship for students that have a 2.5 or higher GPA at time of application for the program. There is no need to apply for the engineering scholarship, it is automatic if students meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • Have a 2.5 or higher GPA at time of Application
  • Satisfy the course requirements for admission
  • Be admitted and confirmed by Feb. 15, 2016
  • Attend the Increasing your Cultural IQ Workshop before departing

Financial Aid

Federal and state financial aid and some scholarships may often be used toward the cost of TAMU study abroad programs. If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (2nd Floor Pavilion) or 979-845-3236.



Studying abroad is approximately $500 less than taking the same classes in College Station during the summer. In College Station, a 6-credit program is usually completed in 10 weeks. Studying abroad allows a student to complete the credits faster. 

The following chart estimates the total out of pocket expenses a student may have participating in this program.

Estimated Program Fee (subject to change)Cost
Housing, Tours, Excursions, Group Meals, Coordination and Administration, Faculty Expenses, Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), SAPO Administrative Fee, Miscellaneous $2,100
Additional Expenses (not included in program fee) 
Tuition & Fees (in-state resident for 6 credit hours) $2,500*
International Airfare $1,800
Passport (if not previously obtained) $145
Meals (not included in Program Fee) $500
Textbooks & Supplies $100
COE Competitive Scholarship (guaranteed) for students with a 2.5 GPA at time of application $1,500
Electrical Engineering Scholarship (guaranteed) $500
Total Estimated Cost$5,145

Studying abroad is approximately $100 more than taking the same classes in College Station during the summer.

Estimated In-State Resident CostsCost
Tuition & Fees (in-state resident for 6 credit hours) $2,500
Room & Board $2,500
Books & Supplies $100
Travel $120
Miscellaneous $500
Personal Spending Varies
Total Estimated Cost$5,720

Check the Student Business Services website (http://sbs.tamu.edu) for exact tuition/fee amount as it varies per student.