San Miguel De Allende Mexico

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This program is open to all students in the College of Engineering! Participants will have the opportunity to enroll in a 1-credit course with a 1 week global trip. This one credit course will meet three times prior to leaving for the one week trip and two times upon arrival after the trip. The highlight of the program is a one week trip to Mexico, during spring break, where students will be exposed to engineering industries and see firsthand the relationship between US and Mexico and its impact in engineering. The meetings prior to the trip will be workshops to prepare students for their experience in Mexico. While in Mexico, students will visit research labs, manufacturers, and tour cultural areas.  Following the trip, students will engage in open discussion to talk about their experiences, and also will present on their experiences. The goal is to expose students early on in their careers to the relevancy of living in an interconnected world.

Locations and Dates

    • Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    • Dates: March 10 - March 17, 2018
    • Application Deadline: December 15, 2017

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ENGR 285: Global Engineering Living and Learning Community

Location Information

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Through this experience students will learn the important exchange and partnership Mexico and the US have regarding engineering technology and processes. San Miguel De Allende is a prime location for learning the relationship between US and Mexico, given their history of being a melting pot where Spaniards, Creoles, and Amerindians exchanged human values, and cultural influences.  The mix of cultures is both tangible and intangible, as is the partnership of engineering across borders.

Projected Student Activities

Students will stay at Hacienda Santa Clara, housed right outside of San Miguel De Allende, where they will be immersed in the Spanish language, art, and traditional Mexican cooking. During the day students will engage in tours of engineering and research facilities and at night getting to experience new foods and the cultural aspects of Hacienda Santa Clara and San Miguel de Allende. San Miguel was established in the 16th century to protect the Royal Route and it flourished in the 18th century with the construction of many religious and civic buildings, built in the Mexican Baroque style. Just 14km from San Miguel, in a rural community is the Jesus Nazareno de Atotonilco Sanctuary, a world heritage site, which displays a cultural exchange between European Nations and Latin American cultures. Presently, the area thrives on commerce, tourism, and cultural institutes and festivals.

Besides the rich engineering technical visits, students will partake in cultural activities such as: Barbacoa lunches, walking tour of San Miguel de Allende, dine at local restaurants, interact with local students, and partake in ancient practices. One of these practices is a temazcal ritual. A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which was used in ancient Mesoamerica practices to cleanse the body after exertion of an event like a battle or ceremonial ball game. Other uses of this ritual were for child birth, healing, and health improvement. It is still used in current Central American and Mexican indigenous practices that were part of the ancient Mesoamerican cultures and religious practices.  Currently, it is still used as a practice of cleansing the mind.


Students must have a passport or proof of passport application by the program application deadline. TAMU students are encouraged to apply on campus at the Study Abroad Programs Office. For more information click here.

Program Cost

Estimated Program Fee (subject to change)Cost
Program Fee: Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Local transportation in Mexico  technical and cultural visits; travel and health insurance; administrative fee; faculty travel cost; pre/post program orientation $2,150
COE Scholarship: Used directly towards the travel cost -$500
Student Fee: Charged to student’s business account$1,650