Hong Kong

Hong Kong - ALL REEP

Students participating in a reciprocal exchange program (REEP) pay all Texas A&M tuition and fees for the duration of the program. Students remain enrolled with full-time student status at Texas A&M while on exchange by registering in the holding course of their college with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students or 9 credit hours per semester for graduate students (or per academic college requirement). In this way, a student's Texas A&M financial/scholarship package will apply even though the student is studying at a reciprocal exchange partner institution in another country. Undergraduate students participating on exchange programs are expected to bring back to Texas A&M a minimum of 12 credit hours in Texas A&M course equivalencies for academic work completed at the host university. Graduate level students are expected to bring back a minimum of 9 credit hours (or per academic college requirement). Students should note that course selections at the host institution are not limited to the courses listed in the data base. It is possible to select and register for other courses at the partner institutions after consultation with and approval from your Texas A&M academic advisors/professors. Language requirements and/or other prerequisites should be considered when selecting other non-approved courses.

Reciprocal Exchange

    • Semester:
      • Spring Exchange (typically late January/early February to Late May)
      • Fall Exchange (typically early September to Late December)
    • Semester Deadline:
      • Spring Exchange application is due in October (before semester abroad)
      • Fall Exchange application is due in February (before semester abroad)
    • Majors: All majors

Location Information

Hong Kong, China - Lying at the heart of Asia and the southern tip of China, Hong Kong is not only one of the world's major business and financial centers, but also a unique place where ancient Chinese traditions are interwoven with modern science and technologies. With 150 years of British colonial influence, this territory, which has been within the Chinese empire since more than 2000 years ago, is full of such diversities and richness in heritage that few other places in the world can rival in. Stepping beyond its doorsteps are the many fascinating cities of the Chinese Mainland including Macau, which are easily accessible from Hong Kong via its well-developed transportation network. 

Opened in 1991 and publicly funded, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) us a technological university dedicated to the advancement of learning and scholarship. Despite its short history, HKUST has gained worldwide recognition for its academic excellence, and is placed on the 40th position among the world's top universities. In the area of Engineering and Technology in particular, HKUST always ranks among the world top 50 and No. 1 in Hong Kong.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Must be a TAMU student for at least one semester prior to application
  • Must attend TAMU for at least one summer session or one full semester after the exchange
  • Must have a 3.0 GPR or higher
  • Must have language proficiency (written and oral)
  • For non-English programs: 2-4 semesters of college level language studies in target language
  • Junior Classification by beginning by beginning of exchange recommended



*Check the Student Business Services website (http://sbs.tamu.edu) for exact tuition/fee amount as it varies per student.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for this program is less than attending Texas A&M University in College Station.

Contact Information

Students seeking additional information on outgoing reciprocal exchanges should contact Leslie Donaway.