Application Process and Requirements

Application Process

Students applying to Texas A&M University to receive a conditional acceptance letter before applying to the Science without Borders scholarship:  Please submit your application to Texas A&M by following the steps below. Conditional acceptance letters will be sent to qualified students within 30 days. This will allow students to submit the conditional acceptance letter together with their scholarship application.

Scholarship Sites

Step 1

Complete the application at

Some of the documents you will need are:

  • Official transcript in English (does not need to be notarized)
  • CV in English
  • Statement of purpose (essay of why you would like to pursue your Ph.D. and why Texas A&M University)
  • Three letters of recommendation (one must be from the student’s master's degree advisor in Brazil)
  • TOEFL score or date the test will be taken
  • GRE score or date the test will be taken 
  • Short paragraph describing your research interest

72 hours after you complete the application you will get the UIN

Step 2

In an email titled “Science Without Borders Engineering PhD,”please send UIN to the email address The email should be written in English.

Maria will send the conditional acceptance letter. The conditions will be that you achieve the departmental minimum required score on the TOEFL and on the GRE, and that you receive the scholarship.

Step 3

Once conditionally accepted by Texas A&M, apply to the Science Without Borders for a scholarship at the scholarship application website. Include your acceptance letter with your scholarship application.

For more information, visit the Science Without Borders website.

Step 4

Once granted a scholarship, send a copy of your scholarship award letter to A Texas A&M advisor
will contact you for guidance on your official application, visa documents and other necessities.