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The Engineering Graduate Invitational is a campus visitation event for highly qualified U.S. residents and permanent residents who plan to matriculate in an engineering Doctor of Philosophy and, in some cases, Master of Science program in the subsequent fall semester. The event is held on campus at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with faculty in their area of interest
  • Tour the Texas A&M campus and engineering research laboratories and facilities
  • Visit with currently enrolled graduate students


There is no separate application for this event. All highly-qualified domestic students who submitted a complete Texas A&M engineering Doctorate of Philosophy (and some Master of Science) application for the subsequent fall semester are considered for review by the respective department.

Event Details

Event Postponed: Due to inclement weather and rolling power outages across Texas, this event has been canceled. We will reschedule for a later date.

Department Contacts

Graduate Programs,  College of Engineering

Tandilyn Morrel -  Email: | Phone:  979-845-6883
Jennifer Veracruz -  Email: | Phone: 979-845-7282
Allie Hardman  - Email: | Phone: 979-458-8448


Gail Rowe  - Email: | Phone: 979-845-5520
Taylor Atkinson  - Email: | Phone: 979-845-4647

Biological and Agricultural

Ashlea Schroeder - Email:  Phone: 979- 845-0609


Stormy Kretzschmar - Email:  Phone: 979-845-6658


Ashley Stokes - Email: | Phone: 979-845-3364
Terah Cooper - Email: | Phone: 979-845-8360


Laura Byrd - Email: | Phone: 979-845-2498
Chris Grunkemeyer - Email: | Phone: 979-845-2498
Juan Rodriguez - Email: | Phone: 979-845-2498

Computer Science and Engineering

Karrie Bourquin - Email: | Phone: 979-845-4087
Jennifer Hernandez-Stovall - Email: |  Phone: 979-845-4087

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Katie Bryan - Email: | Phone: 979-845-7467
Melissa Sheldon - Email: | Phone: 979-845-7467 

Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution

Mark Lorenzo - Email: | Phone: 979-458-3145
Dr. Jorge Leon - Email: | Phone: 979-845-4993
Micah Jackman - Email: | Phone: 979-458-6420

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Victoria Aregullin - Email: | Phone: 979-458-8403
Kerra Clement - Email: | Phone: 979-845-5536


Angie Dunn - Email: | Phone: 979-458-8629

Materials Science

Erin Bandza - Email: | Phone: 979-458-3180


Rebecca Simon - Email: | Phone: 979-458-9196
Angela Montez - Email:


Heather Janke - Email:  


Caleb Mullens - Email: | Phone: 979-845-5480


Eleanor Schuler - Email: | Phone: 979-845-8402