With the challenges facing us on a global level, there is a new need for technology-driven companies to develop their high-potential employees to integrate technical and business skills to solve these difficult problems. Currently, most graduate programs focus on technical skills or business acumen, but not both. The Master of Engineering Technical Management (METM) fills this gap. METM is meeting the demand for such professionals and is distinctive among engineering programs in the intersection of business, management, engineering and leadership. 

METM is a distance-learning professional graduate program for early to mid-career technical professionals. This rigorous program is industry-oriented, and relevant to electronics, manufacturing, automation, energy, process and related industrial channels. The program targets high-potential professionals and creates a foundation for the company’s future project leaders. METM’s curriculum, carefully crafted in consultation with industry leaders, provides a unique blend of industry-critical skills in managing people, projects and profitability. The curriculum is taught by world-class faculty with 80% coming from industry.

METM Benefits to Participants and Employers


  • Earn your degree with minimal disruption to work & family
  • Expand your professional network
  • Immediately apply what you learn to your own work environment
  • Research current issues facing your company
  • Become a part of the Aggie Network


  • Reward and retain employees through sponsoring
  • Access new ideas through various industry connections
  • Class projects will apply to issues within your company
  • Courses allow employees to further their education without interruption