Residency Weeks

At the beginning of each year, METM students are required to spend one week in residency on campus in College Station, Texas. Residency Week offers students an immersive learning environment to begin each year, and allows students to connect face-to-face with their fellow classmates and faculty. METM students will also have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers such as industry executives, engage in lively debates, and develop new perspectives on their leadership style.

Residency Week 2018

Arrive:  Sunday August 12, 2018
Depart:  Friday August 17, 2018

Residency Week 2019

Arrive:  Sunday August 11, 2019
Depart:  Friday August 16, 2019

Capstone Residency and Graduation

The culmination of the METM program, the 3-day capstone residency takes place at the end of year two. Students will be required to deliver their final project presentations before their fellow classmates and faculty. To conclude the capstone requirements, METM students will participate in Texas A&M’s graduation program alongside campus students.