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How do I determine if a course will transfer to TAMU?

Can I make an appointment?

Can I get a force?

  • You can get on the waitlist for an ETID course that is full by submitting a LIMITS override request at the override request form. We also recommend that you watch full classes closely during open registration and add/drop week as schedules tend to change and seats become available. The waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in the course.
  • For all other classes that are not ID classes, please contact the relevant departments for possible forces.

How do I know when I register and other deadlines?

What are some common registration errors?

  • Student Attribute Restriction: You need to sign your Lab Safety Acknowledgement each semester in your Howdy.
  • Prerequisite and test score error: You must complete or be enrolled in all prerequisite courses at TAMU before taking the next course in the sequence. Click on the course title, then prerequisites to see what courses are required. If you have equivalents to the prerequisites, (for example, if you took CHEM 102 and 112 instead of CHEM 107 and 117) you can submit a prereq override request. If you are currently taking the prerequisite at an outside institution, please wait until you have your final grade in the prereq course, and then submit a prereq override request and attach proof of your final grade in the prerequisite course. Please note that you will still need to send in your official transcript to the Transfer Admissions Office. The form will save you the time that it takes to process.
  • Major: Click on restrictions and details to see who is allowed to register for the section you have chosen. ENGL 210, ISTM 209, ACCT 209, and other business minor courses may have specific sections that don’t allow your major to register. You cannot be forced into the non-IDIS sections and must choose a section that allows your major to register.
  • Classification: If you are a freshman/sophomore (59 or fewer completed hours) trying to take junior/senior level courses, please wait until your current semester hours post to register for these courses.

I have a hold on my account. What can I do?

  • Only the entity that put the hold on your account can remove it. Therefore, if it is a hold placed by student business services, you will need to contact them to have it removed.
  • If you have a hold as a result of not submitting your degree planner, please do so immediately for approval. Please reference the degree planner tutorial in Howdy if you need assistance completing it.

What are some common course substitutions?

  • COMM 203 will substitute for ENGL 210 if taken before entering the major
  • MGMT 209 or 211 will substitute for MGMT 212, however, only MGMT 209 or MGMT 211 will count for the Business Minor
  • ACCT 229 will substitute for ACCT 209
  • ECON 203 will substitute for ECON 202
  • STAT 211 will count for the STAT requirement
  • To request a specific substitution not listed, please submit a course substitution request. Please note that a submitted form does not guarantee approval. These requests will be reviewed by a committee of IDIS faculty members.

Can elective subjects double count?

  • The technical elective, directed elective and ID elective cannot double count for each other and are all required for the degree plan.

What are some common Creative Arts/Humanities that double count as International and Cultural Diversity (ICD) courses?

  • Go to
  • Common Language, Philosophy & Culture courses: ANTH 205, GEOG 202, THAR 281
  • Common VPA courses: ARTS 150, ENDS 101
  • If you only need an International Cultural & Diversity credit, please go to

Where can I find community college courses that count towards the ID degree plan?

  • Often used are: Western Texas College, Lone Star College System, Dallas County Community College District and Houston Community College System.
  • Check TAMU course equivalency here for possible transfer courses.

Why can’t I get into my course?

  • Please click on restrictions and details and choose a section that is for ID students
  • If a section is set to ‘0’ it will most likely not be opening and you need to choose a different section

What are pre-requisite courses?

  • Pre-requisites are courses that must be completed prior to taking another course. You MUST complete all pre-requisites before taking a course.
  • MATH 151, MATH 152, CHEM 107, CHEM 117, PHYS 206, PHYS 216/ENGR 216, PHYS 207, PHYS217/ENG217, ENGL 104 and IDIS 240 MUST all be completed with a grade of “C” or better before you will be allowed to take 300 and 400 level IDIS classes
  • You must follow all prerequisites as they are listed in Howdy. The flowchart does not list all prerequisite courses, and Howdy is the final say on what prerequisites are enforced. Click on the course title, then prerequisites to see what the prerequisites are for a particular course. You can speak with an advisor if you have questions about a course or prerequisites.

What are the courses required for a business minor?

  • A “C” or better in ACCT 209*, ISTM 209*, MGMT 209*, FINC 409, MGMT 309, MKTG 409 (*Indicates courses that are included in the ID degree plan)
  • A minor can be declared any time with your advisor before you apply to graduate

When is graduation?

Can I join P.A.I.D?

Where can I get information about Global Study Abroad programs?

For all other general academic questions please email