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Fall – Year 1

TCMT 601 - Engineering Leadership - Addresses Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and developing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral capabilities so students will become effective leaders.  The course will explore the area of emotional intelligence, identify personal EQ competencies and areas for improvement, and build on these competencies and skills.

TCMT 611 - Financial Engineering - Covers financial engineering for technical managers, accounting and financial concepts to provide every manager with a critical perspective on business performance and a foundation for good decision making.

TCMT 612 - Engineering Decision Making - Instills a general intuition for data-driven decision making and equips leaders with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze large databases and use effective data visualization to gauge key metrics.

Spring – Year 1

TCMT 651 - Engineering and the Value Chain - This practice-oriented engineering and supply chain management course investigates a robust framework for better managing supply chains in today's rapidly changing markets. The course covers the next big trend in supply chain strategy, key skills required to be successful, how to effectively structure a company's supply-chain strategy, guidelines for making strategic sourcing and make-buy decisions, and how to integrate e-business thinking into supply chain strategy and management.

TCMT 621- Technical Project Management - Provides professionals with advanced tools and techniques to strategically execute projects, programs and portfolios. The course provides advanced skills and practical instruction on the processes, organizational structure and tools that assure project work yields desired business results. 

Fall – Year 2

TCMT 664 - Capstone Project I - Students benefit from a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a top-level technology executive, matched to their professional interests and goals, over the course of the program. Students gain firsthand knowledge of the practices, experiences, and values of a successful technology management leader. Mentors are matched with students starting in the second year, at the conception of the Master’s Project. Providing true executive guidance and advice, mentors work with their mentees through the final defense of the Master’s Project and graduation.

TCMT 641 - Developing New Products and Services - Positions and details new product and service development as critical business processes and through innovation, underpins sustainable growth, especially in new and emerging markets. The course is particularly relevant for managers of innovation who are interested in exploring new products and services as an asset class and hence underpin market success for the organization and its ecosystem. 

TCMT 622- Contract & Risk Management for Technical Professionals - An introduction to the principles of contract formation.  This course highlights the distinctive characteristics of contracting as well as the team concept for effective contracting and the role of the program manager as a key team member. Subcontract management, competitive negotiation techniques, contract financing, and cost reimbursement are also discussed. 

Spring – Year 2

TCMT 644 - Leading & Managing Professional Teams – Examines the behavioral sciences relevant to the effective management of people and effective design of human resource systems, structures and policies. Topics include leadership, change management, motivation and pay systems, team dynamics, staffing, decision making, organizational communications, employee participation, performance appraisal, conflict management, negotiation, work design, organizational design, and organizational culture.

TCMT 665 - Capstone Project II - The Master’s Project demonstrates students’ ability to apply their coursework towards a specific technology solution based on the area of focus chosen by the student — usually in the form of a product or service — to a complex, real-world business challenge, objective, or scenario.