Successful graduates of the MXET program will complete 127 semester hours of work which includes:

  • University Core Curriculum (27 hrs)
  • Math and science sequence (23 hrs)

Following these preparatory courses, MXET students will complete:

  • MXET Core (44 hrs)
  • Mechatronics Focus (33 hrs) 

The MXET Core includes:

  • Freshman Engineering I and II
  • 5 Electronic Systems fundamentals courses
  • 5 Mechanical/Manufacturing fundamentals courses  
  • 2 Technical electives
  • A two-semester capstone design experience

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The MXET Focus in Mechatronics includes:

  • 3 Advanced Electronic Systems courses
  • 3 Advanced Mechanical/Manufacturing courses
  • 2 MXET-specific courses that encompass intelligent electro-mechanical systems. The first of these two courses deals with real-time embedded intelligence and ground-based robotics. The second will explore production/manufacturing systems composed of CNC machines and fixed/mobile robotics.

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MXET Technical Electives