External Advisory & Development Council

NameCompany Name
EADC ImageAndrews, G. Van Raytheon Company
EADC Image    Baker, Greg MACOM
EADC ImageBiard, J. Robert ‘54 Advanced Optical Components (Division of Finisar)
Boyer  Boyer, Brad Collaborative Engineering Group (CEG)
EADC ImageCabello, David J. Wong, Cabello, Lutsch, Rutherford & Brucculeri LLP
EADC Image    Caldwell, Brad Caldwell, Cassady, and Curry
chaddock  Chaddock, Michael Aggway GP, LLC
EADC Image    Clarke, Steve Jacobs – Global Building
EADC ImageCox, B. Tod ‘90 Stetson University
Flessner    Flessner, Kyle Texas Instruments
EADC ImageFrey, Jr., Tom L. ‘85 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.
GentGent, David W. ‘75 SofTest Designs
EADC ImageGenzer, David ‘83 Micro Systems Engineering Inc./Biotronik Inc.
EADC ImageGulick, Dale ‘77 Loblolly Consulting
EADC Image    Hawkins, Keith Samsung R&D Center
herrington    Herrington, Scott Integrated Device Technology
EADC Image    Kelley, Carolyn Frito-Lay
EADC ImageKlein, James L. ‘86 TriQuint Semiconductor
EADC Image    Lacy, Jim '74 Texas Instruments
EADC ImageMoore, Matt Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.
EADC ImageNavarro, Julio Boeing
EADC ImageNorman, Stephen T. '81 ExxonMobile
EADC ImageNowka, Kevin IBM
EADC Image    Peake, Arthur Dell
EADC Image    Petty, Darrell Waterfield Energy
EADC Image    Ponce, Guillermo Applied Materials
EADC ImageSchroeder, Charles '93 National Instruments
EADC ImageShoemake, Matthew B. ‘93 Biscotti Inc.
EADC ImageSpence, Dan GE Healthcare
EADC ImageStroud, Ken L3 Communications Mission Integration
EADC Image    Suhl, Amy Shell Oil
EADC Image    Williams, Kevin KRW Technologies, Inc.
EADC Image    Yung, Kevin '85 Priority Power Management LLC