Our graduate admissions process has changed.

As of Sept. 6, 2018, the graduate admissions process has changed. Details about the new process can be found on the graduate admissions page.

1. Total number of hours (30)

  •     A minimum of 27 classroom hours (Excludes 681, 684, & 685) from
  •     College of Engineering
  •     College of Science
  •     College of Business(at most one course, and only from the INFO Dept.)
  •     A minimum of 24 classroom hours from the
  •     Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and
  •     Electrical and Computer Engineering
  •     At least 13 of these 24 hours must be in Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.
  •     At least 6 courses from the CE ME student course list.

2. Transfer hours allowed from another institution (6)

  •     Transfer hours must be from a peer institution
  •     Transfer hours are subject to approval of the Graduate Studies Committee

3. Max undergraduate hours (6 hours/400 only)

4. One hour of seminar is allowed (ECEN/CSCE 681) but is NOT required.

5. No more than 3 hours of ECEN 681, 684 and 685.

6. A report is required in at least one of the ECE or CSE courses.**

7. Composition of committee

  •     The Graduate Coordinator will be the chair of all MEN committees. No other committee members are needed.

8. Additional course requirements are listed below.

**This report must be presented either prior to the approval of an application for exemption from the final oral exam (requires a minimum GPR of 3.0), or at the time of the final oral exam.

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