We encourage you to take as many math and science courses as possible. High school preparation should include four years of mathematics and four years of science with emphasis on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, biology, chemistry and physics. Completion of accelerated courses in math and science will assist you in preparing for the required university level calculus, chemistry and physics courses. These courses are fundamental in an electrical or computer engineering degree.

We also encourage students to take advantage of any computer or electronic courses offered in high school. While these courses will not fulfill any of the courses in the EE or CE degree plan, they will help you prepare for the material you will learn in your undergraduate education.

Incoming freshmen are required to have a minimum of 550 on the SAT Math or 24 on your ACT Math to be admitted to the Texas A&M University College of Engineering.

Finally, seek out any opportunities to participate in an engineering summer camp. The college of engineering hosts several events.