Electronic Properties of Materials Syllabus

  1. The Free Electron Model in Metals
    • Density of States and Fermi-Dirac distribution
    • The work function, Thermionic emission
    • The Schottky effect
    • Field emission
    • The photoelectric effect
  2. Band Models of Solids
    • The Kronig-Penney model
    • Energy-momentum (E-k) diagram
    • The effective mass, group velocity, concept of holes
    • Divalent and trivalent metals
  3. Semiconductors
    • Characteristic properties of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors
    • Measurement of semiconductor properties: Mobility, Conductivity, Energy gap, Carrier lifetime
  4. Principles of Semiconductor Devices
    • The pn junction under equilibrium and under voltage bias
    • Junction capacitance
    • Metal-Semiconductor junction: I-V characteristics and junction capacitance
  5. Properties of Dielectric materials
    • Macroscopic approach
    • Microscopic approach