Industry Engagement Opportunities

The Engineering Innovation Center (EIC) provides a unique opportunity for industry and nonprofit sponsors to partner with the Texas A&M University College of Engineering to develop tomorrow’s engineering leaders.  Partner engagement offers great benefits to engineering students while providing industry sponsors with access to top quality engineering graduates to meet their needs.

Benefits to Students

  • Apply engineering skills to solve real-world challenging engineering problems
  • Develop collaboration skills by working with others on multidisciplinary teams
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Acquire valuable communications skills required for your professional career

Benefits to Industry Partners

  • Access to highly qualified students for internships and full-time positions
  • Opportunity to enhance corporate visibility within engineering
  • Access to fresh ideas
  • Support our college efforts to develop the leaders of tomorrow

Partnering Opportunities 

Partnering opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sponsor A Student Team Project –These projects provide you an opportunity to meet, mentor and evaluate students as potential employees while you explore opportunities for more in-depth collaborations with faculty. These projects could be major specific or multidisciplinary. Potential projects could be at the senior capstone design level or projects engaging sophomores to seniors such as AggiE-Challenge and Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
  • Sponsor A Program – We offer great opportunities for industry and nonprofits to engage with our students in programs such as the Aggies Invent weekend challenge and guest lectures in Pop Up Classes
  • Sponsor An Event – Raise your company's visibility by becoming a sponsor of the annual Engineering Project Showcase which showcases the work of more than 600 engineering students and targets all engineering students in the college. 
  • Sponsor Hardware / Software - Thousands of engineering students utilize the resources at the Engineering Innovation Center. Your hardware or software donation could help us prepare our students for current industry needs while also raising awareness about your products. 


For more information on industry and non-profit engagement opportunities, please contact Magda Lagoudas, Executive Director for Industry and Nonprofit Partnerships at