The Engineering Innovation Center (EIC) was designed to promote experiential learning, innovation, multidisciplinary collaborations and interactions with sponsors for engineering undergraduates. We encourage engineering faculty to visit the EIC and become familiar with resources available to support their course educational objectives for students.

Faculty interested in utilizing the EIC facility for class meetings or making it accessible to their students should submit a request by filling out the faculty access form.

EIC Faculty Committee

All engineering departments have a faculty representative in the EIC Faculty Committee. The goal of this committee is to serve as an advisory role to Engineering Academic and Student Affairs, as follows:

  • Recommend best use of EIC and its facilities to further enhance undergraduate education via multidisciplinary projects / project based learning
  • Recommend equipment / software purchases for EIC
  • Recommend industry engagement opportunities
  • Other tasks as determined

The members of the committee have been nominated by their Department Head.  

Aerospace Engineering James Boyd jboyd@aero.tamu.edu
Biomedical Engineering John Hanks jhanks@bme.tamu.edu
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Alex Thomasson thomasson@tamu.edu
Chemical Engineering Ben Wilhite benjaminwilhite@mail.che.tamu.edu
Civil Engineering Tony Cahill tcahill@tamu.edu
Computer Science & Engineering Dez Song dzsong@cs.tamu.edu
Electrical & Computer Engineering Steve Wright smwright@tamu.edu
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution Joesph Morgan jmorgan@tamu.edu
Industrial Engineering Andy Banerjee Banerjee@tamu.edu
Mechanical Engineering Dan McAdams dmcadams@tamu.edu
Nuclear Engineering John Ford thasl@tamu.edu
Materials Science & Engineering Ted Hartwig thartwig@tamu.edu
Petroleum Engineering Duane McVay duane.mcvay@pe.tamu.edu
Engineering Academic & Student Affairs Prasad Enjeti enjeti@tamu.edu
Engineering Academic & Student Affairs PK Imbrie imbrie@tamu.edu
Engineering Academic & Student Affairs Johnny Hurtado jehurtado@tamu.edu
Engineering Academic & Student Affairs Magda Lagoudas m-lagoudas@tamu.edu