Enrollment in AggiE_Challenge program is available through Howdy Portal. 

Students can enroll in AggiE_Challenge (ENGR 491) for 1- 4 credit hours. Program is open to engineering undergraduates from all majors. 

Students should be mindful that the total credit hours of 491, 485, 481, 482 should not exceed 18 hours. Once a student reaches 18 hours of any combination of these courses the additional hours cannot be used for their degree. It can count against the student for the $1,000 Tuition Rebate for Qualified Undergraduate Students, Excess Credit Hour, and B-On-Time Loan Forgiveness eligibility.

Students interested to use credit hours earned with the AggiE_Challenge program towards their degree requirements, are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors prior to enrolling in the program and discuss the details.