The recommended computers will come with an operating system. Students purchasing the Apple computer need to also purchase the Windows Emulate Software.

Software is available at a discounted price from the campus Software Center located in the Computing Service Center on campus. To purchase your software, go to

For first year engineering courses, you will need:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • LabVIEW 

It would be best practice to have your software installed before the first day of classes.

Apple Mac OSX users

LabVIEW and MATLAB toolboxes are not the same across Windows and Mac operating systems. We recommend using the dual boot option of Boot Camp, which comes with Mac OS X. A Windows upgrade license is available from the Software Center ( for $5 which can be used to install Windows on your Mac. 

Which version of Windows you can install is dependent on your Mac and the version of Boot Camp it supports. Please check your Mac against the list located on Apple’s website BEFORE purchasing your copy of Windows from the Software Center. Purchases of the Windows Operating System may not be returned or exchanged.

Use this list to check your Mac