Is a device really required?

YES. Students must purchase one of the devices on the BYOD website.

If I purchase a different device than what is required by the college of engineering, will I be able to use it and receive support from the BYOD help desk?

The college of engineering requires one of the devices listed on the BYOD website. Approved devices will receive hardware and software support from the BYOD help desk within the college of engineering. Unapproved devices may not run the required engineering software needed for your program of study. Further, we can’t guarantee support for unapproved devices.

Why is the college of engineering requiring us to buy specific computers?

The college of engineering requires students to purchase a computer to complement course instruction. The requirement to bring a BYOD device allows the college of engineering to easily support the hardware and software for these devices. The college of engineering can only guarantee the performance and support for the devices listed on the BYOD website.

Is there a difference if I purchase an Apple MacBook Pro or a Windows device?

The main difference between the Apple MacBook Pro and the Windows machines is the operating systems. There are several engineering software programs that require a Windows operating system. If you decide to purchase the MacBook Pro you will need to install either Boot Camp or Parallels (Windows emulating software) to run these software packages.

How can I be considered for financial aid to purchase a computer?

For financial aid recipients the purchase of the a computer device can be considered in your cost of attendance. To request this, please complete the Request to Change Cost of Attendance form for Scholarships & Financial Aid which can be found at http://financialaid.tamu.edu/Forms-(1).aspx. The submission of the documentation does not guarantee additional aid will be awarded to you. In certain situations you may not be eligible for additional funding.

Why do I need to call financial aid?

A phone call is needed so that price of a student’s computer purchase can be included in the cost of attendance.

Who should I contact regarding questions about my purchase?

  • HP laptops are being sold by Avinext. To contact Avinext sales regarding your purchase, call 979.595.2799.
  • Dell laptops are being sold by edutechU. To contact edutechU regarding your purchase, call 1.855.EDUTECH (1.855.338.8324) or email questions@datanetworks.com.
  • MacBook laptops are being sold by MacResource Computers. To contact MacResource at the MSC regarding your purchase, call 979.314.0537, email msc@mac-resource.com, or visit the MSC MacResource location in the basement of the MSC on-campus.

I previously purchased a Dell computer from EdutechU and have questions about my purchase. Who do I contact?

Inquiries and questions regarding Dell purchases from EdutechU should be directed to questions@datanetworks.com or 1-855-EDUTECH

What is windows emulating software?

Windows emulating software allows the Apple computer to operate as a Windows machine. In this way students can utilize software that is only available for the Windows operating system.

What is the difference between Boot Camp and Parallels windows emulating software running on a Mac?

Boot Camp is free with OS-X and is a simple way to run Windows. However, you must reboot every time you wish to run windows. Parallels is a virtualization program running inside OS-X and is as simple as opening a program. It does require a higher working memory, however the College of Engineering BYOD selection has the required memory to run Boot Camp. Parallels costs $79.99 whereas Boot Camp is included in the price of all OS-X operating systems. Boot Camp is limited to Win7 and Win8. Parallels will run Win XP, Win7, Win* , Win Server2008/2012, Linux and Chrome OS. Neither program comes with Microsoft Windows and this can be purchased from the university after new student conferences.

Will all software be free to students?

All software is available for free, with the exception of Microsoft Office, for which the cost is $10 for the cost of CD.

What process will I go through to get software when I get to campus?

During the first week of class, your engineering course instructors will provide details about downloading, purchasing, and installing required software.

Can I get my free software prior to arriving on-campus?

The software is available free or at very low cost (e.g., $10 for Microsoft Office) for enrolled students. A student is considered enrolled after attending the New Student Conference.

If my device breaks, what is the process for repairs?

For repairs on approved devices, contact the BYOD Help Desk to diagnose problems.

Who do I contact when software does not run on my machine?

For software inquires, please contact the BYOD Help Desk for assistance.