Recommended Devices

A Chromebook, Cloud book or tablets such as iPads do not have the hardware to support the software required for class.

If you already have a device, check your minimum requirements:

  • Intel i7 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 256 GB storage system
  • Discrete graphics card (Nvidia chipset is highly recommended)



Customize for additional warranty.


Customize for additional warranty.


Customize for additional warranty.


Customize for additional warranty.

*see MAC OS advisory below


Customize for additional warranty.

Your engineering education requires a computer to complement the course instruction. Undergraduate students entering the college of engineering are strongly encouraged to purchase from our list of recommended and supported devices. Doing so guarantees performance, and hardware and software support throughout your years here as an engineering student. Should you choose a device not on this list, know that we cannot guarantee that the required software will run effectively, or that our IT team will be able to support your device. No student will be denied admission to Texas A&M University based on an inability to purchase a computer.

*MAC OS Advisory: A large percentage of engineering applications require the Windows operating system. These applications will not run natively on macOS. While a Mac can be configured run both Windows and macOS, doing so decreases battery run-time and the amount of available hard drive space.