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The university rule detailing all purchasing procedures may be found on the Office of Risk, Ethics and Compliance website.

Purchasing - Texas A&M and TEES Funds

  1. Complete a Purchase Requisition Form. This form is available electronically on the computer science and engineering website (pdf format).
  2. The form must have an authorized signature.
  3. Take the completed form to room 320A in the Teague Building. If you need to check out the procard you will be allowed to at that time to if it is available. (Please contact Sybil at 845-7123 to make sure card is available before you come over). You will need to make sure that sales tax is not charged to the card. If this is a online purchase Sybil will place the order for you.
  4. If needing to be reimbursed for purchases please fill out the purchase requisition form with your name as the vendor. Please save all of your receipts and turn them in with the form.