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Department of Computer Science and Engineering Printing Policies

Printing services are offered to those who have CSE computer accounts. Some restrictions apply to the services based on funding and departmental policies. For information on how to connect to various department printers, please refer to the CSE Wiki.

Student Quotas

Our current printing system has variable quotas for each student based cumulatively on which computer science courses the student is enrolled in. Students not taking any computer science courses will not have any printing privileges but may continue to use their computer accounts. Each student may look at their quota via their CSNet account. For special exceptions or circumstances students may contact a faculty advisor.

Quotas are allotted at the weekend before each semester, adjusted as needed throughout the semester, and removed or reset at the weekend before the start of the next semester. Student printing services may not be available the weekend before the start of a new semester to allow for system maintenance and repair.

Students receiving incompletes in courses

Students who receive an incomplete in a course will be allotted their remaining quota balance from the previous semester. This is done only at the student's request.

Private Queues

Queues for network-accessible printers are provided for various groups within the department. These queues are restricted in use as specified by the owner of the printer and will be administered by the CSG as well as the owner. The owners will maintain their printers and the CSG will facilitate repairs for these printers.