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Rules for all CSE labs

  • Do not eat, drink, smoke, or apply cosmetics in the laboratory. 
  • Avoid all horseplay in the laboratory. 
  • Do not reboot, turn off, or move any workstation or PC. Do not load any software on any lab computer. Only lab operators and technical support personnel are authorized to carry out these tasks. 
  • Do not reconfigure the cabling/equipment without prior permission.
  • Do not leave a workstation or a login unattended. Do not leave processes in the background without prior approval from the systems manager. Do not lock your workstation for more than 20 minutes. 
  • Place your ID card through the card reader each time you enter a secured lab whether the door is already open or not. Do not open a secured door for anyone. Entry to secured labs is recorded and lab users shall be held responsible for the condition of the lab. 
  • Unauthorized users are not permitted in the computer labs. The departmental computer resources are to be used to support the instructional and research activities of the computer science department. Abuse of these resources or conduct not in accord with University policy shall not be tolerated. 
  • Games may not be played on computer science lab systems or servers. 

Senior Design Labs

  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) goggles or appropriate safety eyewear, whenever you use chemicals. Bring your own, or obtain them from your instructor or the lab manager. You will not be allowed to complete a laboratory without goggles. 
  • Wear PPE gloves as instructed. Assume hands are contaminated even if gloves are worn. Avoid touching your face and eyes. Wash frequently during the lab and before you leave the lab. It is highly recommended that you bring extra gloves to each laboratory session. 
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing. Do not wear open-toed shoes, sandals, shorts or shirts with dangling sleeves. Tie back long hair and avoid dangling jewelry. 
  • Clean your workstation after each lab period, and return all glassware and materials to appropriate stations before leaving the lab. 
  • Always read the label information and the MSDS. Do not remove information labels from bottles. If a label is missing notify your instructor. 
  • Dispose of sharp waste properly—place broken glass in the glass discard container, metal in the metal waste container, and place other waste materials in the designated container(s). Secure all sharps, including needles, blades, probes, knives, etc. 
  • Keep flammable chemicals away from heat sources. Note that hotplates retain heat after being turned off and Bunsen burner flames may appear nearly invisible. Treat both with caution. 
  • Do not mouth pipette liquids, "sniff" chemicals or ingest them. 
  • Clean spills promptly. Alert your instructor to ALL chemical spills, and follow spill response guidelines from the material safety data sheet. 

Violation of these lab rules is cause for temporary suspension of your account until review by the director of departmental computing services.