"The Study Abroad India program offers two extremely valuable things in one. First, you get to experience the real atmospheres of companies: large, medium, and small, which can help you get a feel for where you might fit in if you go into industry. Second, you get to experience an entirely different and beautifully unique culture. Both of these things will not only look good on your resume--they will stick with you for life."
-Nicole Julian

"The CSCE India trip exceeded my expectations. Not only did we learn about companies and how they operate in India, we were able to learn so much about a beautiful culture. You will leave with breathtaking pictures and great memories, but more importantly you will have had a hands-on experience with the computer science industry in India. This is a rare chance; so take advantage of it while you can!"
-Jayme Lynn Krepps

"This program taught me a lot about how software development exists on a global scale. The visits to the startups and consulting firms gave me a great perspective on how computer science and business interact in traditional and non-traditional structures. Plus, India is ridiculously cool."
-Nicholas Hanemann 

"The CSE Study Abroad not only allows you to experience the adventure of an exotic land, but also see the innovations of the industry firsthand. It is important to understand the impact of the CSE industry on an international level and the best way to do this is to see the workings of various companies. India is also home of one of the world's oldest civilizations, so seeing the cultural/historical sites is a once in a lifetime experience."
-David Alexander Paul 

"The trip was extremely enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone. I found the culture extremely breath taking and loved getting to see all of the differences between cultures. I learned a lot about the companies that were there and found it neat getting to talk with them in a small group setting."
-Elizabeth Philips 

“The trip to India was so much more than I thought it was going to be. Having grown up overseas, though never going to India, I felt that I grew as a person so much more than I thought I would in those 14 days. Learning about the different corporations over there has helped me with classes I am taking this semester, and has also helped me in deciding what I want to do for a career. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. It is a once in a life time opportunity that I will cherish, and never forget.”
-Megan Kerins