CSCE 489 - Special Topics in Software Development, Globalization and Culture (3 credit hours)

Instructor: Dr. Rabi Mahapatra

TajmahalAlmost all software industry giants from the U.S. have offshore development centers in India. The purpose of this program is to broaden students' global perspective and deepen their critical and comparative thinking skills on offshore software development. Students will learn to understand software development outsourcing models, execution, and practices in multi-national offshore centers. As opposed to the traditional classroom, students will gain this knowledge through visits at IT industries in conjunction with lectures from IT professionals. In addition, students will experience work done by multinational collaborative planning that allows for cost-effective software development.

By traveling to India, participants may begin to understand why so many companies have begun outsourcing as well as learn about current policies and dynamics of offshore centers. The knowledge and skillset gained from this program will be invaluable in the globally expanding job market.

Visit South, East, and North India

This program offers a two-week study abroad opportunity across India. Beginning in Bangalore, participants will start off visiting IT companies like Accenture and Wipro to interact with local software developers, managers and VPs. During this time, students will journey to Bhubaneswar, where they will visit industries like Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Satyam, and CSM and enjoy the culture and food of East India. Finally, participants will end the program by traveling to New Delhi to visit the Taj Mahal and the Lotus Temple. Software personnel from Infotech, HCL, and Intera will aid in the further learning of students during their time in Northern India.

Funding is available in many forms

India2For complete information on funding opportunities, please visit the Study Abroad Program Office for financial resources at the Study Abroad Programs Office website.

Scholarships: The Study Abroad Programs Office and the Texas A&M University College of Engineering offers scholarships based on merit or financial need. Applications and deadlines are listed on the Scholarships & Financial Aid website. The Continuing Student Scholarship application opens on October 15th, 2013 and closes February 1st, 2014.

Financial Aid: Federal and state financial aid and some scholarships may often be used toward the cost of TAMU study abroad programs. Students can contact the program Study Abroad Advisor to obtain a copy of a Budget Request Form. Students can and should talk with a Financial Aid Counselor at (979)845-3236 for more information.

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