Optimizing the transition from Undergraduate to Graduate Studies

If you plan to pursue graduate studies in computer science or computer engineering, Fast Track can help you take the lead. This program speeds the process if you're committed to earning a master's degree from our department. With Fast Track, you can begin graduate studies at the end of your junior year and may complete both the BS and MS degrees within five years.

The Fast Track program is an identification of specific pairs of advanced undergraduate and graduate courses. This identification helps excellent undergraduates avoid some repetition and move further into advanced studies during their undergraduate days.

Fast Track students can earn up to 9 credits of graduate credit while finishing their undergraduate degree. This can reduce the needed period for a graduate degree by a full semester. This credit is received by taking a graduate course and other work that may be required by the instructor. At the end of the semester, the student is also awarded Credit by Examination by the professor based upon satisfactory academic performance.

The necessary steps to take advantage of this opportunity are:

  1. Make excellent grades as an undergraduate. A GPA of 3.5 is required.
  2. Visit with an advisor (in Teague 328) to review your progress and explore the Fast Track possibilities. This normally will be done no earlier than the first semester of the third year. It should be done with at least two semesters remaining.
  3. Select the courses that you plan to take for Fast Track and ask the advisor to make sure of the expected schedule for those courses to be offered. (Some graduate courses are offered once per year, or less often.)
  4. Each time you plan to enroll in a Fast Track course, you should:
    • Meet the instructor for the course and discuss his/her requirements.
    • Enroll for the course.
    • Complete the required form for taking a graduate course. You will check one box reserving the course for graduate credit.
  5. Once the course grades are available in the semester that you are taking a graduate course for Fast Track credit, check with the advising office to remind them to process the Credit by Examination paperwork to give you the appropriate credit for the course on your degree plan. 

Fast Track Course Pairs

Software Engineering. The student takes CSCE 606 for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 431, Software Engineering.

Computer Architecture. CSCE 614 is taken for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 469, Advanced Computer Architecture.

Artificial Intelligence. CSCE 625 is taken for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 420, Artificial Intelligence.

Theory of Computability. CSCE 627 is taken for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 433, Formal Languages and Automata.

Computers and New Media. CSCE 656 is taken for Graduate Credit.  It is paired with CSCE 445, Computers and New Media.

Information Storage and Retrieval. CSCE 670 is taken for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 470, Information Storage and Retrieval.

Computer-Human Interaction. CSCE 671 is taken for Graduate Credit. It is paired with CSCE 436, Computer-Human Interaction.

More Info 

Our advisors can answer any questions that you may have regarding the Fast Track program.

Updated May 14, 2013.