The Engineering Honors program gives students the opportunity to interact with other high achieving students and with honors faculty, creating a community of scholars that combines the benefits of a small college with the resources of a major research institution.

Engineering Honors scholars have access to honors courses that have small enrollments, promoting close interaction between the faculty and students. Students receive specialized academic advising from leading faculty, participate in undergraduate research and engage in special activities for honors students, such as lunches with faculty, seminars and networking opportunities with leaders in academia and industry. 


Find your EH track in the table below to learn more about the requirements for your track. Contact the appropriate EH Track Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the requirements.

Please note that the General Engineering track requirements are the same as the "base" requirements for the EH program.

General Engineering  EH-ENGR Track Requirements - -
Aerospace Engineering EH-AERO Track Requirements AERO Honors Courses (Last 4 years) AERO Honors Faculty -
Biological and Agricultural Engineering EH-BAEN Track Requirements BAEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) BAEN Honors Faculty -
Biomedical Engineering EH-BMEN Track Requirements BMEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) BMEN Honors Faculty -
Chemical Engineering EH-CHEN Track Requirements CHEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) CHEN Honors Faculty -
Computer Science and Engineering  EH-CSCE Track Requirements CSCE Honors Courses (Last 4 years) CSCE Honors Faculty Sample Schedules
Civil Engineering EH-CVEN Track Requirements CVEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) CVEN Honors Faculty -
Electrical and Computer Engineering   EH-ECEN Track Requirements ECEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) ECEN Honors Faculty -
Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution EH-ETID Track Requirements - -
Industrial and Systems Engineering EH-ISEN Track Requirements - - -
Interdisciplinary Engineering EH-ITDE Track Requirements - - -
Materials Science and Engineering EH-MSEN Track Requirements - - -
Mechanical Engineering EH-MEEN Track Requirements MEEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) MEEN Honors Faculty -
Nuclear Engineering EH-NUEN Track Requirements NUEN Honors Courses (Last 4 years) NUEN Honors Faculty -
Petroleum Engineering EH-PETE Track Requirements PETE Honors Courses (Last 4 years) PETE Honors Faculty   -
Ocean Engineering EH-OCEN Track Requirements - - -

Find the Legacy Requirements for the EH Program, Aerospace EH Program and Computer Science & Engineering EH program (for students entering EH before Fall 2015) here.