(This is a high-level summary of the requirements. Details can be found here for Engineering Honors in general and here for CSCE track in particular)


  • Take at least 15 hours of honors or graduate classes by the time you graduate. These hours can be in CSCE, engineering, math or science (CSCE 491H does NOT count). 
  • To take a graduate course, you must fill out the form here. Get the course instructor's signature on the form and then take it to the CSE advising office (328 TEAG).
  • Take 6 hours of CSCE 491H (see Research Experience below). 
  • Take at least one honors or graduate class per academic year (CSCE 491H does count).

Fast Track

  • subset of our graduate courses is in the "fast track", meaning that you get double-credit for these: undergraduate credit for your bachelor's degree, graduate credit that can be used later for a graduate degree.
  • More information and the list of fast-track courses is here.
  • When you fill out the form to take a fast-track graduate course (remember, it is here), be sure to check the box saying "Reserve for graduate credit".
  • After you finish a fast-track course, you need to contact the CSCE advising office to request credit by exam for the corresponding undergraduate course. 

Research Experience

  • Get involved in research with a professor in the CSE Department for at least two semesters (consecutive fall and spring).
  • Take 3 hours of CSCE 491H in the fall, which can replace a CSCE technical elective. NOTE: This requires an application. General instructions are here (update: you do NOT need to get approval from the Honors office.)
    • You can use the form that is here.
  • Take 3 hours of CSCE 491H in the spring (which can replace capstone senior design). NOTE: Requires application (see previous bullet).
  • Participate in the University's Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program, which guides you through the process of writing a bachelor's thesis about your research. NOTE: This requires an application. For more information, please click here.
  • Hints for finding a research advisor:
    • Think about what kind of things you like to do (write code, design/analyze algorithms, use studies, build hardware, etc.)
    • Attend ACE Scholars activities that involve interactions with professors.
    • Ask your course instructors about their research.
    • Peruse our webpages, which can be found here.
    • Make an appointment to talk to professors whose research looks interesting to you.


  • Attend at least two every semester. See calendar here.

Other Requirements

  • Maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 overall, and a 3.25 in honors courses (including CSCE 491H), and no grade lower than a B in the required honors hours. 
  • Meet an ACE Scholars coordinator at least once every fall and spring semester that you are on campus. Please fill out this form here and bring to meeting.
  • File an annual report. Be alert to emails during summer from Engineering Honors with instructions.


  • Can I take graduate (or even undergraduate) courses while I am an undergraduate and have them not count toward my bachelor's degree but save them for graduate school? Yes.