Listed below are the major steps that should be completed for the MCS and MEN degrees (course work only Master degrees) in computer science and computer engineering. Much of this information is taken from the "Steps to Fulfill Master's Degree Requirements" on the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) website and from the Department's Graduate Brochure (pdf).

As noted below, many of the steps have associated OGAPS forms that need to be submitted. These forms are available on the OGAPS website. In all cases, the student is responsible for filling out the form before bringing it to the advising office for Departmental approval. In the case of MCS and MEN students, the advising office will obtain the signatures of the default committee members and the Department Head for the student. In most cases the advising staff will also submit the forms to the OGAPS for the student.

Degree Plan

MCS and MEN students must file an approved degree plan. MCS and MEN students have a default advisory committee appointed by the Department. Currently, the default committee consists of: the Graduate Advisor (chair). Note there is only one committee member. Requirements for the degree plan can be found in the Department's Graduate Brochure (pdf).

The student should submit the completed degree plan using the online degree plan submission system OGSDPSS.

OGAPS Forms: Degree Plan

Deadline: By the end of the first semester after the student has completed 9 credit hours (normally their second semester) and no later than about five months before graduation (see the OGS calendar for precise deadline).

Apply for Graduation

Students must submit an Application for Degree in order to graduate.

Online Application Information can be found here

Deadline: Normally in the first 1-2 weeks of the semester the student wishes to graduate. Late application will be allowed for an additional fee until later in the semester. Precise deadlines are listed on the OGAPS calendar.

Final Examination

The oral final exam for the MCS and MEN is waived as a general policy.

Once the student has filed for graduation, the advising office will complete and submit a Request for Exemption from Final Examination form to OGAPS.

OGAPS Forms: Request for Exemption from Final Examination

Deadline: Deadlines are listed on the OGAPS calendar (usually about 4 weeks before graduation).