Undergraduate students

Civil Engineering Program

Undergraduate students in the civil engineering program are assigned to an individual faculty member for primary advising. The faculty are the best resource to provide in-depth information on department courses and academic information. The Undergraduate Student Services Office, located in suite 108 of the Dwight Look Engineering Building (DLEB), has designated undergraduate advisors and staff who support the faculty advisors.

Robert (Bob) AppletonLaTrista Funches and Kasey Sims assist with course registration, force requests for civil courses, evaluating potential change of major and transfer students, student records information including Q-Drop and holds, evaluating student performance, monitoring student progress towards fulfilling degree requirements, and course substitution requests. Dr. Luciana Barroso, associate professor and director of undergraduate programs, ensures all policies and procedures, academic progress and sanctions, technical requirements, prerequisites and other related issues are properly addressed.

Department Scholarship Information for Current Students

The Zachry Department of Civil Engineering offers hundreds of scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 per academic year, to current civil engineering students with good academic standing. Most of these scholarships are graciously supported by our former students.

To apply for the 2018-19 Civil Engineering Departmental Scholarships, please complete the online form here. 


Academic information and advisors can be found on e-campus. Appointments are strongly encouraged.

To make an appointment with one of the advisors, click here. For questions directed to our Undergraduate Student Services team, please email ugservices@civil.tamu.edu

Online Force Request 

Enter force requests for CVEN classes, and only CVEN classes, here: Online Force Request Form.

By clicking the link above, you acknowledge that you read and understand this process and that you are not guaranteed a spot in any class.

Force requests for other departments' courses are handled by those departments.

Civil Engineering attempts to honor all requests in priority order based upon the information provided, actual need, and the order in which we receive the requests. The department is the sole judge of the validity and priority of your request. Civil Engineering processes requests during open registration. The department will not consider requests submitted prior to a student’s pre-registration period.

You are not guaranteed enrollment in any course. Create your own backup plan. Monitor the classes in Howdy for openings as other students change their schedules. You are responsible for checking your schedule to see if it changes and if the changes are according to your request.

Oftentimes the department will ask a student to leave a class if doing so will free up a spot for another student with much greater priority. These decisions are difficult for all. As you provide the reasons for your request, remember that you are an Aggie. Dishonest use of the force request may be considered a violation of the Aggie Code of Honor.