The introduction should describe the objectives of the laboratory work, the background of the experiment, and theory. You can develop each category in a separate sub-section.

  • Objective(s): State the goal(s) of the experiment using specific language. Use past tense for this sub-section.
  • Background: Provide information you obtain from literature, citing references using the AIChE documentation style (see link), both on the general subject of the experiment and on specific data, operating parameters, etc., from studies or reports in the literature for the same or a similar system. Use past tense for this sub-section.
  • Theory: Outline the basic principles governing the process and the equations representing that process; be sure to cite references. Adapt the equations to the system under study (common variables, parameters, notation, etc.), but do not present experimental values. Number equations so you and the reader can easily refer to them if required in subsequent equations in the Sample Calculations section. Use present tense for this information.